Join The Borg

By Will Swarts ’92

If you’ve ever gone to Reunions, volunteered with alumni or students, or joined your local alumni chapter for fun activities like Thirsty Third Thursday, then you’ve already enriched the Reed alumni community. But you could do more. You could lend your voice to strengthen alumni ties to the college. You could help with alumni career networking. You could organize a fantastic new initiative. You could jump in with both feet and join the Reed alumni board.

The alumni board (officially the Reed College Alumni Association Board of Directors, but let’s not stand on ceremony) is our national service board. We support the Reed community through volunteer initiatives with the support of Reed’s alumni office. Elected at-large members serve three-year terms, working on committees that match their interests. We want you! It’s easy to nominate yourself or another Reedie—just email us with your name, the name of the person you are nominating, and a short description of why they should be part of the alumni board.

There are plenty of other ways you can support the alumni community, too, all of which can be found here. Check out Reed’s newly improved website for a catalogue of volunteer opportunities. Host a short-term job shadow over winter break and give a current student valuable post-Reed perspectives. Help with alumni fundraising and admissions. Offer career-related coaching to fellow alumni. Join our expanding professional networks. Connect to your local chapter (or start a new chapter in your city!) for regional activities coast to coast and beyond with our Europe / London chapter. We need you!