Towards a Vibrant Virtual Community

By Chantal Sudbrack ’97, alumni association president
Chantal Sudbrack ’97

Photo by Leah Nash

As my term as president of the alumni board draws to a close, I want to first express my deep gratitude to the staff of alumni & parent relations for their work with our board. Their dedication, experience, and solution-driven approach make volunteering fun, rewarding, and, most of all, easy! 

In our effort to establish roots for life beyond Reed, the board has expanded its partnership with career services. As working weekend volunteers can affirm, the career services staff has been wonderfully welcoming, helpful, and generous with their time. We owe a particular thank you to Brooke Hunter, with whom we have worked closely on working weekend and supporting new programming for current students. 

You can help ignite the imagination of students and inspire their career exploration by keeping your alumni directory information up to date and joining the alumni career network. For instructions on how to do so and to volunteer as an intern host, extern mentor, or a panelist for working weekend, please visit this site.

Throughout my executive service, I have been grateful for the camaraderie and able assistance of vice president Greg Byshenk ’89 (the board is in good hands as he succeeds me as president), secretary Scott Foster ’77, immediate past president Jay Hubert ’66, and alumni & parent relations director Mike Teskey—who amazes me with his temperance and unfettered willingness to explore new directions. Our leadership has spent energy on becoming better organized, establishing a higher level of professionalism, and improving our visibility on campus and off. This year, we introduced the first digestible yet comprehensive alumni association guidebook, implemented a 10-year strategic plan, and developed the ground work for expanding the Life Beyond Reed initiative. Congratulations to Reunions ’13 class leaders, committee members, organizers of alumni college and Reunions Paideia. Reunions has gotten off to an extraordinary start with record early registration of 600+ by April 1, and will undoubtedly be memorable because of your efforts. Lastly, I extend particular thanks to those volunteers who are completing their terms and rolling off leadership positions on the alumni board. I encourage each of you to explore new challenges and new ways to contribute. To learn more about volunteering in general, all are welcome to join us on campus for the next leadership summit, September 20 & 21; send email to alumni & parent relations for more information. 

This year the alumni association has made significant strides towards a more vibrant virtual community. Whether you live in a chapter city, abroad, or in a more remote area, there are many ways to connect with other alumni; check out the variety of intersection points, including ReediEnews, career services, Reed Switchboard, and Renn Fayre Revisions online. Also, Sallyportal, the official blog of Reed magazine, is a great forum for reading incisive coverage of all things Reed and responding to it. Finally, keep a watchful eye towards future launches of an online book club and a one-stop volunteer resource page. 

 Love Reed.