Comrades of the Quest

The raw, dramatic, underground history of Reed, profiling seven icons who shaped our first century.

Beetle Mania

Christopher Marshall ’89 leads an army of 3 million at the OSU Arthropod Collection.

From the Lions’ Den

How Puon Penn ’92 survived the Khmer Rouge.

President Diver: The Exit Interview

After 10 years at the helm, Colin Diver takes stock.

Drawing the Line

Rep. Chris Garrett ’96 threads his way through the labyrinth of the Oregon State Capitol.

Lovin’ Spoonful

Mishelle Rudzinski ’88 set out to help one child. She wound up helping thousands.

Jump-Starting Careers

Working Weekend brings alumni and students together for networking.

Centennial Campaign

Boyles Give $1M for Scholarship

In Memoriam

John C. Pock [sociology 1955–98]

February 18, 2012, in Portland.