Eliot Circular

Stage of Construction

Photo by Matt D'Annunzio

One Flea Spare

Infectious Enthusiasm. Meanwhile, back in the old Mainstage Theatre, students performed Naomi Wallace’s One Flea Spare, in which five Londoners are confined together during the bubonic plague of 1665. The cast included Ariel Dooner ’13 as Darcy Snelgrave; Kenji Yoshikawa ’12 as Bunce; Amy Egerton-Wiley ’13 as Morse; and Max Maller ’13 as William Snelgrave. (Not pictured, Philip Yiannopoulos ’12 as Kabe.) Directed by Kate Bredeson [theatre 2009–] with scenography by Peter Ksander [theatre 2011–] and costumes by Corrine Larson [theatre 2011–].

All the world’s a stage, especially on the western edge of campus where Reed’s new performing arts building is taking shape. Here construction workers in outlandish costumes scurry across catwalks, brandish props, and excavate holes with heavy machinery (Okay, the metaphor breaks down a bit here). Still, the construction of the new building, first envisioned by professor Herb Gladstone [music 1946–80] over 50 years ago, is full of drama, and you can watch the show on a live webcam.