Thinking of Kim Quirk Baker ’88

Throughout her tragically short life, Kim Quirk was a constant reminder of how powerful an infectious smile and positive attitude can be. At Reed, in addition to being a wonderful friend who always had time for others, she also managed to study, sing in a band, volunteer AND graduate on time—no small feat. She took that boundless energy into the “real world,” where she excelled at everything she tried, making countless friends across the globe and inspiring many to push their boundaries, even a little, like she did most every day. Whether it was working as the art director of a sporting equipment company in Hood River, Oregon, rock climbing in Spain, or raising a family in Colorado, Kim approached these endeavors with singular dedication, flavored, of course, with healthy dose of fun. Even when confronted by her recent illness, Kim fought it with heroic grit and determination, remaining overwhelmingly positive throughout, fighting (and laughing and smiling), all while giving those around her the strength to carry on without her. Kim will be dearly missed. Not only by those whom she touched closely through friendships over the years, but also by those who barely knew her. Anyone fortunate enough to spend time with her will forever cherish the wonderful and enduring spirit that was Kim.

—Kim Wolfkill ’87

Seattle, Washington