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Empire of the Griffin Continued

Chapter spotlight:
Southern California

After the rain, Saturday, February 20, turned into a gloriously clear (smog-free) day in Southern California. The panoramic views from the Getty Center, located high atop the Santa Monica Mountains, were breathtaking. Thomas Rhoads ’75, associate director of administration and public affairs at the J. Paul Getty Museum, pulled more than a few strings to arrange a private tour of the unique exhibit, “Rembrandt and His Pupils: Telling the Difference,” followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum’s paper conservation studios. The excellent tour was lead by exhibit curator and Rembrandt scholar Lee Hendrix; the intimate behind-the-scenes tour was lead by senior paper conservator Mark Harnly. A group of 50, composed of Reed alumni, family, and friends, enjoyed the experience and a smaller group stayed for dinner and lively conversation after the tour.

We warmly encourage all area alumni to contact the chapter steering committee with any ideas they may have for upcoming events. Activities currently in the planning stages include a career-development event, a picnic, a ride on a sailboat, and raku pottery.

—Lisa Gillette ’78 & Amy Lindsay ’81

Camp Westwind

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The weekend retreat at Camp Westwind for alumni and their families, sponsored by the Portland alumni chapter, will be held October 15-17, 2010. Join alumni from a variety of eras and swap Olde Reed stories and songs in a beautiful forested setting on the Oregon coast. A limited number of reduced-rate spaces are available for kitchen and cleaning crew people. For details and registration, please see

Ultimate Triumph

Ultimate Frisbee Team

Left to right. Top Row: Mike Deen ’06, David Jackson ’09, Shane Rubenfeld ’06, Andrew Lynch ’12, Russell Mayhew ’10, Doug Galbraith ’07, Sasha Nemchonok ’10, Duncan Kochhar-Lindgren ’07, Chris Nutter ’00, Bryson Uhrig-Fox ’10 Bottom Row: Josh O’Rourke ’09, Joe Hand ’09, Ari Leventhal ’07, Ian Fisher ’07, Andrew Winterman ’10, Adam Halverson ’00, Rami Bridge ’08, Tom Weaver ’06.

For the second year in a row, a group of Reed alumni and a handful of current students traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to participate in an ultimate Frisbee tournament called New Year Fest. The group spanned many years at Reed, with graduates from 2000 and hopeful grads for 2012. The weekend was filled with highlights including delicious tostadas and brisket, swimming under the January Arizona sunshine, and above all, lots and lots of Frisbee.

Representing Reed under the name “Crom,” (a Viking god who rose to prominence in the classic film, Conan the Barbarian) the team finished third for the weekend.

“Ultimately (no pun intended), we proved ourselves as the best all-around team at this year’s New Year Fest, and we did it all with grace, humor, and above all, facial hair,” writes captain Ian Fisher ’07, noting that the tournament fee was offset by a generous subsidy from the Reed College alumni office.

“We hope to continue this tradition for many years to come, and we continue to share excitement at having the opportunity to represent the small part that athletics plays in the unique Reed experience.”

Puzzle Corner

Searching For Clues

You know Reed. But how well do you know Reedies? A free bumper sticker to the first 12 readers who can correctly answer the following questions about our illustrious classmates. Note that the puzzle has been designed to minimize the usefulness of tools such as Google and to encourage good old-fashioned perusing. The answers are all in this issue of Reed! —Alix Vollum ’12

  • Who managed the iconic Portland hardware store W.C. Winks Hardware for almost 50 years?
  • Who escaped from Nazi soldiers by climbing out of a schoolhouse window, emigrated to Portland, became a successful businessman, and has a hangar at the Portland Air Base named after him?
  • Who invented the Gordon wrench? (“Don’t stay home without it!”)
  • Who said, on her retirement from Reed, “It’s time for me to stop
    corrupting the youth.”
  • Who made his Broadway debut in January, playing opposite Scarlett Johansson?

Got ’em? Email your answers to or send postcard, letter, or other literary contrivance to Puzzled Corner c/o Eliot Hall 212, 3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard, Portland Oregon 97202.

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