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Bay Area
The Bay Area chapter recently enjoyed a lecture by Reed assistant professor Libby Drumm on the work of Spanish writer and painter Rafael Alberti. Chapter vice chair Drew McCormick '82 also organized a group of alumni for a restorative weekend at Orr Hot Springs near Ukiah. In February the chapter plans to train alumni who are interested in helping out with the alumni board's oral history project, which aims to collect 250 interviews of alumni, faculty, and staff members to help document Reed's history from the 1920s to the 1970s. Alumni interested in receiving this training should call Lauren Lassleben '75 at 510/849-2631. For information on other chapter activities, please call chapter chair Richard S. Thomason '84 at 510/524-3724.

A good time was had by all at "Potluck: the Gathering" in December at the apartment of Kathy Reeves '96 and Luke Weisman '96. Dozens of Reed alumni attended, including Baylor Fox-Kemper '92, Carl Steinke '98, Steven Wage '82, Roger Kautz '80, and Greg Lam '96. A "Reed on the Road" lecture by math professor Thomas Wieting is scheduled for April 14. The Boston chapter is looking for people who would be willing to organize future events. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Boston chapter, email or call Greg Lam at 413/644-9032 or email

New York
Instead of its usual holiday event, the Festival Chamber Music Society concert, the New York chapter converged upon a restaurant to celebrate the season with a dim sum lunch. Upcoming events may include a beer tasting hosted by William Abernathy '88 and an outdoor picnic. Professor David Schiff will give a "Reed on the Road" lecture on March 21 (watch for details in the mail). As always, if you would like to become more involved in the local chapter, please email or phone Kate Bieber '94 at 718/499-8980 or email
katebieber@yahoo.com. The New York chapter welcomes all those interested to join us at steering committee meetings. We are always seeking new faces and ideas.

Maurice Isserman '73 was on campus in October for a well-attended discussion of "the civil war of the 1960s." The chapter planned and hosted a wildly successful holiday party (see page 36). The momentum continued into January with a writing workshop by Lisa Norton '80. Events in the works for the spring include a garden club presentation, a talk by President Koblik, and group seating at the Rose Garden for the NCAA women's regional basketball tournament. If you have any questions or comments about the activities of the Portland chapter, please call Robin Tovey '97 at 503/234-3985 or send email to

Rainier chapter members continued the annual tradition of working in the University Baptist Church's "Saturday Kitchen." Marta Smith Franzen '77 coordinated the effort. The chapter also welcomed Professor David Schiff for his lecture on Duke Ellington. The Reeding Group read and discussed the mystery play Sleuth, by Anthony Shaffer. The Reed brew pub touring society visited the Elysian Pub in December and staved off winter blahs at Gordon Biersch in January. If you have any questions about the activities of the Rainier chapter, please call or write Peter Mason at 206/323-2887 or email
peterma@msn.com.. For the most up-to-date information, check our web site: http://www.eephus.com/rainierchapter. To be notified by email of upcoming events, send email to majordomo@reed.edu with the single line (without quotes) "subscribe rainier-announce" in the body of the message.

Southern California
Libby Drumm of Reed's Spanish department gave a "Reed on the Road" lecture to the chapter in January. The book group ordinarily meets the second Sunday of each month at a member's home. Members take turns choosing monthly selections. Alumni visiting from out of the area are invited to read the book, call for the location, and join us. For information, call Robert Hadley '53 at 310/391-1427.

Washington, D.C.
Leslie Overstreet '71, curator of natural history rare books at the Smithsonian Institution, led a tour for 30 alumni chapter members. The response was so overwhelming that she scheduled a second tour. Many thanks to Leslie for an informative and enjoyable tour of what is normally an area for select researchers only. Math professor Thomas Wieting will give a lecture on April 12 (watch for details in the mail). For more chapter information, call or write David Baxter '87 at 410/325-4038 or email

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