Alumni association president's report

Early summer off SE Woodstock. Sun finally shining after months of gray drizzle; sitting on the library steps. Lost in a discussion of Dante or the meaning of revolutions or even what to do for Sunday dinner. It's been a long time, hasn't it (much longer for some than others)? Well, while you can't go home again, you can go back to Reed, and reunions is an ideal time. Not only might you renew long-lost acquaintances, but you might reconnect with the intellectual stimulation of the Reed experience and find that you have much in common with alumni of every vintage. Or if you prefer, you can relax with a Frisbee on the front lawn, hang out in the pool hall, or take a trip up the hill to the Lutz.

The alumni office and the reunions steering committees are busy planning a full weekend of activities for June 8-10. Attending will be groups from the classes of 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1990, and 1995. The classes bordering each reunion year and all classes 1948 and earlier are also especially invited to attend. Now, I'm not going to suggest that attending reunions will change your life (although it changed mine), but you're sure to have a great weekend.

Saturday luncheon at reunions weekend will feature the alumni association's annual presentation of awards for service to the college. These include an award for outstanding volunteer, and awards for service in areas such as development, career service, and admissions work. Nominations for these awards are welcome from all alumni. Please send them to alumni relations director Marianne Brogan '84 (, who will forward them to the committee.

I'm excited to report that the alumni association has begun a long-planned oral history project to document the changes (and the constants) of the Reed experience over the years by recording interviews with alumni and staff. Gail Kurtz '82, an experienced oral historian, traveled from Berkeley to Portland in September to train alumni volunteers to collect oral history, but the association is looking for additional people willing to help, especially on the East Coast. We are also happy for suggestions of suitable interview candidates. If interested, call or email John Sheehy '82 at or 707/664-9993.

Sheldon Hochheiser '73 908/232-3442

The Folklore and Natural History of British Columbia & Southeast Alaska

An eleven-day tour with Bert Brehm, emeritus professor of biology

Reed alumni, parents, and friends are invited to join Bert Brehm, professor emeritus of biology, for an eleven-day tour and cruise of the sheltered coastline of the Pacific from British Columbia to Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage, sponsored by the alumni relations office.

$2,700-$4,370 double occupancy, plus airfare. Look for complete details in the mail, or for more information please call the alumni relations office at 503/777-7593 or send email to

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