Teaching. Reaching. Inspiring.

Seven professors with a faculty for igniting ideas

By Romel Hernandez
David Garrett

Cover of Reed magazine, December 2016
Photo by Leah Nash & Christopher Onstott / Nashco

For more than 100 years, Reed professors have set themselves apart by treating students as intellectual peers—Comrades of the Quest, to borrow President William T. Foster’s memorable phrase. In this piece we profile seven professors who have recently been appointed to endowed chairs—a mark of esteem from their colleagues and a recognition of their knack for inspiring students. 





Ann Delehanty [French 2000–] MacArthur Chair

Jim Fix [computer science 1999–] Crandall Chair

Julie Fry [chemistry and environmental studies 2008–] Scott Chair 

David Garrett [history 1998–] Scholz Chair

Keith Karoly [biology 1994–] Ruben Chair

David Perkinson [mathematics 1990–] Griffin Chair

Janis Shampay [biology 1990–] Vollum Chair