Eliot Circular

Give a Hoot

Photo by Leah Nash

What’s the difference between a Loyal Owl and the barnyard variety? The Loyal Owl gives a hoot—year after year.

The new Loyal Owl Society honors those who contribute to the college consecutively for three years or more, helping Reed meet pressing needs like financial aid, student research, and classroom technology. Giving to the Annual Fund is the best way to support current students.

Jeanne Halsey Steed ’47 is an award-winning synchronized swimmer and a Loyal Owl. Appreciating the power of endurance, she has given to the Annual Fund every year since 1975.

She explains her commitment to the college simply: “Reed gave me a very good preparation for life.”

In fact, she met her late husband, George Raymond Steed ’41, on a Reed outing. She majored in biology, writing her thesis on mitotic rate fluctuations in tadpole tails, went on to earn a master’s degree in education from the University of Oregon, and then taught high school mathematics. She credits Reed with teaching her how to cognize subject matter and make it relevant.

“Reed changed the way I thought about the world,” she says. “I realized mental structures were necessary to go along with the thinking.”

Living in Portland, Jeanne gets back on campus frequently and comments that there are many more people and dogs than there used to be. Asked to define Reedies, she responds, “They’re curious, always wanting to learn more.”

Learn more about supporting the Annual Fund. As Jeanne might say, “C’mon, everybody in the pool!”