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reed magazine logoDecember 2010

Reunions 2010

It rocked. It rolled. It performed feats on a unicycle. Reunions 2010 drew no fewer than 742 Reed-related humanoids of all ages from as far afield as Malaysia, Ghana, and Beverly Hills. As always, strange and wondrous things happen when Reedies converge. Defying all predictions, a peculiar glowing orb appeared in the sky during the parade. Inspired by this omen, classmates from the ’70s forged a trans-generational alliance with classmates from the ’00s and held an impromptu dance party in the commons bathroom!

For a better glimpse into the merriment, plus class photos, see Weren’t able to join us this year? No worries: centennial reunions will take place June 6–12, 2011. See you there!

unicyclist alumni parade
alumni parade alumni parade

Click on the photos to enlarge. Visit for more Reunions highlights.

reed magazine logoDecember 2010