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Gothic Spring

Caroline Miller ’59

Asylett Press 2009

Gothic SpringVictorine Ellsworth knows something about the death of the Vicar’s wife, but what? Is she the killer? Or the next victim? Caroline Miller ’59 MAT ’65 answers these questions for us in her newest novel, Gothic Spring, which is ostensibly a psychological thriller, but on a deeper level tackles themes ranging from the effects of repression on the female psyche to the stifling of individuality in a climate of conformity—both appropriate for its Victorian setting. To write the book, Caroline drew on her personal experience of living in England, where she split her time between the Derbyshire moors and a small farming community. According to Caroline, Gothic Spring “examines the darker side of human nature and societies that strangle rather than liberate” and thus represents a significant departure from her earlier work, Heart Land, a funny and nostalgic tribute to American values.

—Colin Chapman ’10

The Rock and Roll Book of the Dead: The Fatal Journeys of Rock’s Seven Immortals

David Comfort ’71

Citadel/Kensington 2009
The Rock and Roll Book of the Dead

The latest title from David Comfort ’71 explores the tragic ends and calamitous relationships of Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia, and Kurt Cobain. According to David, the book contains “more dramatic and controversial information about the magnificent Seven than any other work.” However, The Rock and Roll Book of the Dead does not simply focus on the legendary aspects of these individuals, but instead gives the reader “an impartial point of view committed. . . to the truth.” In the case of the magnificent Seven, the truth is that fame got the better of them, and catalyzed in each a feeling of isolation, loneliness, and ultimately self-destruction. David’s fiction has appeared in the Coe Review, Pacific Review, The Belletrist, and other leading literary magazines. He has been a finalist for the Faulkner Award, the Chicago Tribune Nelson Algren Award, the Heekin/Graywolf Fellowship, and the America’s Best contest, and a nominee for the Pushcart Prize.

—Colin Chapman ’10

A Blondie Reader: Old Wine in New Verses

James Wachob ’50 published a collection of his own rhymes, told in a humorous vein, A Blondie Reader: Old Wine in New Verses (AuthorHouse, 2009). James describes Blondie as an “Everyman, standing in for all naïve and guileless individuals—regardless of gender or hair color—with experiences that others find amusing.”

Educating the Human Brain

Mary Klevjord Rothbart ’62 is coeditor of Educating the Human Brain (American Psychological Association, 2006), which provides an empirical account of the early development of attention and self-regulation in infants and young children, with an examination of the brain areas involved in regulatory networks, their connectivity, and how their development is influenced by genes and experience.

Quantitative Data Analysis: Doing Social Research to Test Ideas

Don Treiman ’62 is the author of Quantitative Data Analysis: Doing Social Research to Test Ideas (Jossey-Bass, 2009)—a book he dedicated to John Pock, emeritus professor of sociology.

It’s go in horizontal: Selected Poems 1974–2006

It’s go in horizontal: Selected Poems 1974–2006, by Leslie Scalapino ’66, was published by UC Press in 2008.



Tamalpais Walking

Volney Gay ’70 has published two books, Progress and Values in the Humanities (Columbia University Press, 2009) and Neuroscience and Religion (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009). “Both books continue conversations about science and humanities that began in Humanities 110 at Reed a long time ago.”

Black British Writing

Lauri Ramey ’74 is coeditor of Black British Writing (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009),
a collection of essays providing an imaginative international perspective on ways to incorporate black British writing and culture in the study of English literature, with sophisticated and practical strategies for so doing.

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