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Empire of the Griffin

Heed the Boar


Mark your calendar for the alumni holiday party on Saturday, December 12! Return to holidays of yore at this year’s celebration, where you’ll find that Reed’s own boar’s-head procession is still observed with accustomed ceremony. Please help us keep this beloved tradition alive by joining the boar’s-head ensemble singers. For more information, contact or 503/777-7589. (If you did not receive an invitation in the mail, please see the details and register online at

The Quest for Exotic Delicious

Inspired by the New York alumni chapter, the DC chapter steering committee decided to form a “restaurant club” specific to international appetites. The goal was to provide a venue for meeting up with alumni who might not be interested in Thirsty Third Thursdays and to investigate the numerous ethnic dining options of metro Washington. An additional aim was to make it easier for suburban Reedies to attend midweek events by holding them outside the District of Columbia. The inaugural dinner took place May 26 at Spice X-ing, a new Indian restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. Our initial numbers were modest, but after spicy Nariyal shrimp curry and creamy paneer makhni, all present were eager to continue the project. The July gathering drew a larger group, including young children, enjoying fried plantains, fufu, and groundnut stew at Roger Miller African Restaurant in Silver Spring, Maryland. In August we went for Vietnamese food at Hai Duong Restaurant in a Vietnamese shopping mall in Falls Church, Virginia. Culinary highlights included classic pho, beef underdone with lime, and sizzling fish northern style. In September we sampled Bolivian specialties like lomo and chuño at El Pike in Arlington, Virginia. Future excursions will explore Russian, Korean, and Afghan cuisine. Are you hungry yet?

—Margaret Anderson ’05
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Take My Hand…

Are you newly graduated from Reed and moving to a new community? Would you like to touch base with a local Reedie who can help you navigate unfamiliar waters? Are you willing to take an occasional call or have coffee once or twice with a fellow Reedie who is new to your area? The “local hosts” option within IRIS is the key! By checking the “alumni local host” box on the volunteer page, you can let your fellow alumni know they are welcome to contact you (only via the preferences you have established for your personal directory listing). Interested in finding a willing contact where you’re going? Go to the bottom of the directory search page and limit your search accordingly, or send email to Marcia Yaross ’73 at


Want to track down fellow Reedies? Find job opportunities? Do some networking? Update your address? These and many other pleasant activities can be accomplished with the Integrated Reed Information System (IRIS). Go to and give it a spin!

Need Health Insurance?

Discounted short-term medical insurance is available for Reed alumni who need temporary coverage. Contact Meyer and Associates, 800/635-7801,

reed magazine logoAutumn 2009