News of the College August 2005

pipe removal


Water main removed
from the canyon

In maneuvers reminiscient of a tense action adventure movie, a heavy-lift helicopter swooped in and out of the canyon in June deftly removing pieces of an abandoned water pipe.

The removal operation, a collaboration between the city, the water bureau, and Reed, went smoothly and in less than two hours’ time, sections of the pipe were lifted and deposited on the sports fields where they were loaded and trucked away for recycling.

The pipe had been taken out of service in 2004 and last winter began leaking. The college had requested it be removed as part of Reed’s ongoing canyon enhancement project.

After pursuing a variety of options, the water bureau determined that due to the isolated terrain and location, using a helicopter would be safer, faster, and have fewer environmental impacts. End of Article

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water pipe removal image


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Reed Magazine August 2005
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