News of the College May 2004

The faculty adopted two resolutions
during the spring semester of 2003–04

Dismayed by incidents that began last academic year of harmful graffiti appearing on campus, the faculty adopted a resolution moved by professor of English and humanities, Robert Knapp:

“The faculty of Reed College condemns any racist, sexist or other abusive language directed anonymously at any member of the community, and urges its members to discuss the recent incidents in the context of the Honor Principle with each of our classes.”

The resolution passed after serious discussion by the faculty of both the resolution itself and the events that inspired it. It was pointed out that a 1991 faculty resolution, still in effect today, banned unsigned and malicious graffiti and also took care to uphold explicitly the right to free speech, so long as it is signed. In addition it was asked whether the new resolution was in fact redundant to the Honor Principle itself, which specifically addresses graffiti. President Diver was asked to detail the procedures that the college follows to try to identify the perpetrators, and some questioned the appropriateness of using class time, even optionally, to discuss the incidents.

Professor of physics Mary James then brought to the floor the following resolution, which was passed the next week by paper ballot, in order that the entire faculty be given the opportunity to vote:

“As the faculty ponders ways to improve the college, the faculty resolves that the ethnic diversification of the faculty and student bodies at Reed College should be among the highest priorities during the upcoming capital campaign. To that end, we especially invite capital campaign proposals that are mindful of and address the college’s resolve to promote ethnic diversification of the faculty and student bodies.”

The faculty will meet in winter, 2005 to discuss this and other priorities for the college as it enters the campaign planning process, and as it prepares to mark its one hundredth year. End of Article

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Reed Magazine August 2004
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