News of the College May 2004

Reed in the News

Reed faculty and staff have been prominently featured in the national media this spring. Darius Rejali, political science professor, has been in demand as an expert source on the incidents at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. He has appeared twice on CNN and has been quoted in the New York Times, Baltimore Sun, Christian Science Monitor, Time, and Newsweek. His editorials have also appeared in the Portland Oregonian and the Seattle Times, and two major essays were featured on Philosophy professor Mark Bedau discussed the potential for creating artificial with the Wall Street Journal and the Chicago Tribune, political science professor Darya Pushkina explored the applications of the rules of war during a “war on terrorism” on Oregon Public Broadcasting, and physics professor Richard Crandall and his studies of epidemic predictions were profiled in the Portland Oregonian.

Reed has also been a voice in media coverage of several issues in higher education. President Colin Diver discussed grade inflation with the New York Times and the public’s confidence in colleges with the Chronicle of Higher Education. Dean of faculty Peter Steinberger also explored the grade inflation issue on Oregon Public Broadcasting and gave his opinion on online recommendations for graduate school in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Dean of admissions Paul Marthers discussed students’ creative tactics for admission consideration in the Wall Street Journal.

Finally, the Portland Oregonian ran three feature stories on Reed in May, including a cover story on president Colin Diver, a Metro cover story on commencement, and Living cover story on the Renn Fayre experience. End of Article

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Reed Magazine August 2004
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