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Vol. 76, No. 1, February 1997.

    The contents of this magazine are selected to stimulate thought and discussion, to demonstrate the range of opinion and activities prevalent at Reed College and in its broader community, and to provide news about the college and its alumni and friends. No attempt is made to formulate a particular viewpoint on issues of the day, except for general support of the college and of the values of a liberal arts education.

      Editor: Paula Barclay,
      Director of Publications

      Assistant Editor: Nadine Fiedler '89,
      Assistant Director, News & Publications

      Alumni News: Marianne Brogan '84, Director of Alumni Relations, Caroline Locher '67, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, and Rachel Hall '95, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. Class Notes: Patti MacRae '71.

      Web Design: Jon Feldman '97

      Electronic makeup: Debra Schnack,
      Editorial Assistant, News & Publications

    Founded in 1909, Reed College held its first classes in 1911. It is a non-profit educational institution incorporated as the Reed Institute under the laws of the State of Oregon. Named in honor of Simeon and Amanda Reed, Portland pioneers whose bequest established the college, Reed is a private, independent, nonsectarian, four-year college of liberal arts and sciences. It has an enrollment of 1,200 men and women students, offers a full program of liberal arts and pre-professional studies, and awards the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degrees.

      President of the College: Steven S. Koblik

      Executive Vice President: Larry D. Large

      Director of News & Public Relations: Harriet M. Watson

      Magazine Advisory Group 1996-98: Marianne Colgrove '84, Associate Director, Computing & Information Systems; George Joseph '51, Retired Judge; Noelwah Netusil, Associate Professor of Economics; Deborah Prince '71, Academic Counselor, University of Washington, Trustee; David A. Schiff, Professor of Music; John Sheehy '82, Publisher of Utne Reader