Reed Arts Week 2017 --- Borders ---

Reed Arts Week is a 5 day long arts festival featuring student artwork and the work of select visiting artists. RAW 2017 will take place on March 1-5.
This year’s theme is BORDERS.
A border never just is. Embedded in it are the socio-political, economic, and cultural factors present in its making. It is as encompassing as it is exclusionary, yet can rarely be tracked down to a single source. As a demarcation of power, it is as empowering as it is disenfranchising. Borders are a battleground where reclaiming and legitimizing subordinate identities are read as acts of defiance. To create within this mode as the subjugated can be a form of resistance as well as a strengthening force through celebration. These distinctions become more important to work with as a time where the dematerialization of media and communication makes it seem as if these borders have dissolved. Through Reed Arts Week: Borders, we seek to provide a space in which these ideas, anything from political borders to ornamental framing designs, can be engaged.

Daphne Lyda '17 and Charlie Perez '17

Student Artist Coordinator:
Juliana Cable '19

Graphic Design Coordinators:
Emily kind '19 and Elena ali '20