Mountain View
Reed Arts Week is an annual five day long arts festival organized and curated by students. This year, the theme is Remains.

To what extent are bodily remains, or the living body, an index of a person? How can individuality be recovered once it is lost, hidden, forgotten, or withered, and an altered structure remains? Do remains look or act a certain way? What forms do they take amongst the living?

Reed Arts Week showcases the work of students and select visiting artists. This year, we are showing works by Naotaka Hiro, Erin Jane Nelson, Derek Paul Boyle, Fish Narc, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Arielle Chiara, Tony Chrenka, manuel arturo abreu, Mitra Saboury and Nick Irvin. There is a full program of events and activities, including artist talks, workshops, and performances. Reed Arts Week and all associated events are free and open to the public.

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