Medea House
A. Baker: In Despoiled Shore Medeamaterial Landscape with Argonauts (1981),
Heiner Muller presents us with Euripides war: the war of a wife and her betraying
husband. Euripides daemon is female fury, the force of the oppressed figure whose
revolt is total. But in his play, Muller allows this war to be conflated with the
apocalypse of the entire world-- the war of communism becomes the war of women and
then the nuclear war of technology and capitalism.

This installation performance will consist of 4 rooms with repeating scenes. The scenes
include Euripides' original script, fragmented poetry, and the imagined voice
of Hamlet's Ophelia. Each scene is an action where words will repeat but the meaning
will erupt, destroy itself, and be reborn.
Using multi-media design, Prexy will become the home of Medea-- the apocalypse of female fury.
Thursday, March 6, 9pm in Prexy ***trigger warning***
Sub and There You Are
J. Yoon: Portrait Of The Artist As An Artist (SUB Interview Series Part One)
Join us for an exclusive Q&A webcast with acclaimed writer, visionary filmmaker,
international pop sensation, and cultural maverick Jejune (a.k.a. Jeannie Yoon) at
[date/time]. Well have her, LIVE, on screen and in the hot seat, where she’ll be
answering YOUR questions about her multiple careers, her mysterious and fascinating
personal life, and her iconic style. Shell also be giving us an EXCLUSIVE in-depth
sneak peek and trial run of her latest project, an enigmatic and much-hyped
cognitory interface app patch set to beta-launch in the Spring of 2026.
Dont miss this transmission!
part of the Thursday dance performance series in the double squash courts

Arguments With Myself
Three digital photographs and annotations
All the worlds a stage. The places youve been go on without you. Memories are a mess.
Pictures compartmentalize. Repetition is the progenitor of order. Wherever you
go, there you are. Because youre everywhere to me.
on the PAB 3rd floor
J. Novarino "...and there she was, sitting at the end of a long hedged path, almost entirely hidden by her large black veil."
in the Cooley Gallery foyer
Albertsons #565
M. Smith-Holmes, M. Barone, C. Mitchell:
The idea is a fantastical take on a leisure night at a corporate retreat with variety show
type antics: a neoliberal wet dream, if you will. All fetish is turned inside out and
wrought for all its worth. A night of perverse niceties and outsider flirtations.
Musical, dance, and dramatic performances are the shows main attraction.
The SU, in its entirety, will be transformed into a performance space with activity
divided between small stages (2 or 3) and various places throughout the room.
Spectators will have the options of sitting around the edges of the room or at
specified "lounge" styled table setups in the middle of the room or atop bean bags
and yoga balls dispersed throughout the performance space.
Wednesday, March 5, 9pm in the Student Union
D. Richards: Proteus is a three-movement work for amplified piano with digital
processing. The nature of the digital processing is dependent on the loudest sounding
register of the piano at any moment, causing both the timbre and texture to morph
throughout the duration of the piece.
Thursday, March 6, 8pm in the chapel
J. Pape:Eschaton is a score for a short film of the Reed Nuclear Reactor
install, circa 1968. I came across this film- directed by former Reed
President/Chem Prof. Arthur F Scott, while working at the IMC transferring other
Nuclear Reactor Fuel Test videos. The music will be mainly composed of sounds that
Reed Reactor itself emits. I have recorded these sounds, made them into some tape
loops, and organized them in correlation to the cinematography of Scott's film."
Saturday, March 8, 9pm in the chapel
Whelm \hwelm, welm\
C. Iglesias, L. Cantor, W. Black, M. Ceballos, J. Rodriguez:

transitive verb
1: to turn upside down usually to cover something: cover or engulf completely
2: to overcome in thought or feeling
intransitive verb
: to pass or go over something so as to bury or submerge it
noun: archaic or literary
an act or instance of flowing or heaping up abundantly; a surge
example: Logged in. Are you there?
    A cry in the cacophony,
   a pure bite of sound,
   in this nether land of inter-space
   we drift
   white blur in the whelm.
An interactive installation in the ping pong room.
Quaestio mihi factus sum
R. Sokolov, S. Stackhouse:Quaestio mihi factus sum (a question have I become for
myself) is a five-day video, music, and sculptural installation that seeks to explore
the (in)visible forces that produce our shared but enclosed artifact-world. As
the clay figures in the theater pursue the call to discover the mystery of their
being, their structural composition alters through a gradual deterioration. A
rift, then, opens up between what is and what ought to be for unknowable new
beginnings to formulate from a sloppy clay puddle.
Eliot 314 foyer
The Fountain of Beauty: Salon and Spa
K. Rosenthal: an experiment in using the properties of cosmetics to destroy and create.
Cosmetics produce beauty, produce bodies, erase bodies. Over the course of a
week perfumed ethanol runs through pipes and diffuses a space and an image. The path
of the liquid through the space and over the image inscribes its disembodied marks of
erasure and production.
on the PAB terrace
incidentals (music for deserts)
C. Warden: glimpses of hushed contest between atmospheric radio phenomena and
power-grid seepage fought futilely every second in ever-shrinking nowheres.
vlf radio receiver, digital recorder,
35mm camera. eastern oregon, winter 2014.
under the PAB stairs
Take a Break From Now: Future Youth
G. Spencer: Escape to the past with the first edition of the Take A Break series, Future
Youth. Do you ever wish you had an escape from all your adult worries and
responsibilities? Do you ever just want to go back? Well now you can! With Future
Youth you too can be a child of 1990s! Experience radical scale shifts, the authentic
food of the children of the 90s, the hits, the jams, and much much more as the
intimate environment allows you to slide back in time and age. Take a Break from Now,
and be a kid again.
in the PAB Atrium
C. Truong- Jones: Image/text transfers from Phaedrus, inspired by Derridas
theory of archiving as associated with a death drive,
and Plato's characterization of writing as a phantom.
Inscription serves to erase a conceived origin, to destroy
the pure experience of nostalgia in order to
instantiate a material consignation.
in the PAB
Book Of Death
J. Curry: Ofrenda para horse_ebooks. "Maybe one day I myself will MOVE THINGS..."
in the old library entrance
J. Vincent: This installation of bodies will explore blindfolded movement improvisation as
well as the relationship between performer and audience. Performers will be
blindfolded and move throughout the space, where audience members are also free to
roam. The performers improvised movement will be guided by pre-determined sound cues
that audience members activate on a computer screen. Viewers are encouraged to
watch the piece for as long as they like and may come and go as they please.

part of the Thursday dance performance series in the double squash courts
A. Recinos: i have been thinking lately about how as time passes and people grow up, the
people they know socially, are friends with, and are close to slowly change. sometimes
this process happens quickly and other times so slowly as to be barely
perceptible, but it is always going on. you grow old ; you forget people.
there's a lot of writing about the photograph producing death, documenting the present
into a potential past
that mostly seems accurate to me.
but temporary photographs might not work this way. their impermanence interrupts the
fixation of the present as impending history and posits a moment that's not concerned
with the past or future.
i'm doing an installation of photographs of my closest friends. while printing, each
photograph is fixed using exhausted chemicals. they'll fade, slowly, over an
indeterminate period of time.
by addressing the potential end through its temporality, the series interrupts the
fixation of the present, creating a space in which it is possible to act out and avert loss.
in Winch
Joan in Bathrooms
J. Mcneal, J. Wang: A photographic installation of interpretations in
liminal spaces.
outside of the poolhall bathrooms
Crossing the Hawthorne Bridge
J. Mcneal: Often taken for granted, bridges collapse what could be larger expenditures of
labor into much smaller energetic outputs. For example, the Hawthorne Bridge passes
over the Willamette River and makes the banks spatially closer, in terms of organisms
and machines relative exertions required to reach the other side. This piece
explores the poles that the Hawthorne Bridge assembly crosses: i.e. people, the
natural environment, and technology, while simultaneously muddling them.
located in the library
i Gag
D. Beame: A video of the artist reading Georges Batailles Story of the Eye.
in the paradox
On A Wind Turned Dark With Burning
G. Medow-Jenkins: Is it cliche that when my house burned down, I thought of
Fahrenheit 451? Maybe, but perhaps its because the first things I saw on the ground
were singed segments of books, once read, and notes, once written on James
Joyces Dubliners from a teenage version of myself. On the night of December 16th,
2013, a wildfire ran through the mountains of Big Sur, taking 34 homes and numerous trees
that lay in its path. This project documents my experience of losing a house, and
gaining a stronger sense of home at Natures will. This installation explores the
relationship between shock and awe, detachment and attachment, and what I have lost
and subsequently found. There are natural powers beyond human control but I found
through this experience and my art that they are always paired with the powers that
still lie in human connection. This project is a multimedia, semi-interactive
installation made up of film and photography.
You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride
straight to perfect laughter. Its the only good fight there is. - Charles Bukowski.
in Gray Lounge in Kaul
Ben Friars-Funkhouser with Strings:The Word is Love
B. Friars Funkhouser, C. McKelway A Chopin knockoff, your favorite Franz Lehar
number, and Brad and Fleurine Mehldau's "Love Sublime." Ben is accompanied by an
ensemble of Reed's finest.
Saturday, March 8, 12am in Prexy
Inner Daemons: A Seven Deadly Sins Aerial Show
A. Smith:Enter the world of burlesque and sin in a haunting, spectacular aerial
show. See Pride climb to new heights, Sloth lounge in her web, and Lust consume in
Reed Air Forces first lyra duet. Experience a new range of acrobatic and artistic
talent, an art form just taking off, a spectacle unlike anything youve seen
before. It would be a sin to miss this.
Wednesday, March 5, 6pm in the Student Union
J. Strauss: The word Daemon has two meanings: it is a computer operating system that runs
as a background process and so is not directly under the control of the computer user.
Daemons in classical Greek mythology are figures that are similar to Ghosts, as both mortals and gods.
In both cases daemons seem to take the form of something invisible.
What does invisibility mean in todays context? Do these daemon figures exist?
Are they something or are they nothing?
on the Golf Course.
I want my scars to show where I've been
C. Bachaud: A selfie project exploring the body as archive through images of scars
and the stories of how they got there. Trigger warning: self harm.
in the PAB
S. Massey: This space-filling video-and-poetry installation portrays the inner
experience of a human (you? me?) pursued by the Holy Spirit. Image in the form of
video embodies spirit, and poetry in the form of language embodies the human response.
Sounds by Max Carpenter accompany the exhibit.
on the PAB viewing wall
There is only one official path through Lamniscape. Enter, follow the established
boundaries, make your way to the end point in the center of the shape, and exit by the
same path. We have designed Lamniscape in the form of a Cretan labyrinth, perhaps
one of the least original forms possible, used variously over the last four millennia
in ritual and meditative contexts.
The space is conceivable as a choreography, a kind of yantra to be experienced with the
physical body. The notations for this rather 'pointless' exercise in motion are not,
however, written on paper, but fixed in the configuration of space, in the form of
boundaries and imperatives which encourage one to follow the "rules" of the piece. One
is so obliged to walk through our silly labyrinth. Hah ! Hah ! We will, however,
ensure that something is produced by your participation. Can't be wasting your time.
We're wiring up the wooden floor with contact microphones, which will capture and
amplify the resonances that each walking body generates in its contact with the
ground. With the act of walking, all involved compose their own (unique) funny,
clunky-sounding score; a sonic translation of their experience of the labyrinth.

Will the difference in my mood (for instance, grumpy and giggly) manifest audibly between
different iterations of my performance of the labyrinth-dance? How will the
commons soup in my belly be involved? Will someone accidentally kick a rock and make
an insane sound?
However it goes, we will be recording the sounds, which will be mixed live at a concluding
party ("mixer"), where everyone involved will be invited to take one of the
obsidian boundary stones home with them.
located in racquetball court #1
A play by Maria Irene Fornes
Directed by Walker Holden
" Food is many steps removed from mans reach."
Descend with us into the dark night of capitalism.
Learn what devil the human being is serving.
Divulge the fever seething in your loins.
Join us this witching hour as we give birth to Lust,
Maria Irene Fornes' epic passion play of American empire.
What daemons keep you up at night? Friday March 7, 7-8pm in Winch
The show runs one hour with no intermission.
Does This Look Familiar to You?
L. Nelson: a series of nine portraits, left incomplete at the time of their installation.
Each portrait is intended to be evocative of a sensation, emotion, or
passing thought. Accompanying the portraits is a note that encourages passersby who
identify with the piece to complete it. In this way, Does This Look Familiar To
You? creates an environment for shared and private expression as well as a creative
space for those not otherwise involved with a RAW project.
dispersed around campus
G. Poetzinger, J. Stewart: Poem in Movement

part of the Thursday dance performance series in the double squash courts
K. Jacobsen: Overheard fragments of spoken tones translated into bowed notes, **** is a
weeklong series of violin performances triggered by a specific word. The multiple
performances continuously recorded will (by the end of Reed Arts Week) constitute a
collectively written piece of music. Live performances will occur in sporadic
intervals in the hallway on the third floor of the PAB, tune in to the accumulated
audio in GCC B/C/D.
How the Light Gets In
A dance work in progress Directed and choreographed by Carla Mann
In collaboration with dancers Reid Bondurant, Lily Capozzalo Chris Cogell, Rena Dimes,
Alanna Hoyman-Browe, Olivia Jensen, Allie Morgan, Bao Phan, Serra Shelton & Mona
March 7th at 6pm in PAB 240
A Visual Study of Sound
E. Peairs and A. Demko: This project gives an intuitive understanding of the nature
of sound using both digital and physical visualization techniques. Various
sounds chosen or created by the user are played on a sand-covered membrane, which
creates patterns depending on the frequency of the sound. The sounds are also
visualized using a projected live spectrogram, which converts frequency and time
information into color. Both of these visualization techniques create patterns which
can be associated with the physics of sound without any understanding of mathematics.
in the bong loft
Funny Faces
V. Haas, L. Weisner: Commemorate your experience at Reed Arts Week with a unique, fun,
personal, light-hearted caricature! Have your likeness drawn in an entertaining
environment and hold onto a portrait that will be the source of amusement and
revelation of your true character forever.
Saturday on the Front Lawn