March 5 Wednesday
1-2 pm Tani Holt dance workshop in PAB 240
6pm Inner Daemons: A Seven Deadly Sins Aerial Show in the Student Union
7pm Laura Heit performance in the chapel
9pm Albertsons #565 in the Student Union
All Galleries are open from 11-6pm, the Chapel is open from 12-1pm and 3-6pm
March 6 Thursday
4:30-6pm Lucas Blalock Workshop (RSVP) in DML
6-8pm Dance Peformance Series: in the Double Squash Court (sports center)
     Sub + SOUND + impro-v-ision

8pm The Kettle video screening in the Chapel
8pm Proteus in the chapel
9pm Medea House in Prexy
All Galleries are open from 11-6pm, the Chapel is open from 12-1pm , 2:30-4pm, and 6-8pm
March 7 Friday
1-3pm Visiting Artist Talks featuring Lucas Blalock, Antoine Catala and Ginny Cook in the Choral Room
6-6:30pm How the Light Gets In by Carla Mann, a Technique and Performance Dance Class in PAB 240
7pm Lust in Winch
9pm Masquerade Ball: Geneva Jacuzzi and U.S. hard in the Student Union
All Galleries are open from 11-6pm, the Chapel is open from 11am -1pm and 5:30- 8pm
March 8 Saturday
Afternoon Funny Faces on the Front Lawn
9pm Eschaton in the chapel
9pm Akousmatikoi: Ilyas Ahmed, Tunnels, Hoaxlander perform in the chapel
12am Ben Friars-Funkhouser with Strings:The Word is Love with Homo Sacer Trio in Prexy
All Galleries are open from 11-6pm
March 9 Sunday
6pm Heavy Women: Amenta Abioto, Nour Mobarak, Ghost Ease, and Polst performance in the chapel
All Galleries are open from 11-6pm
Weeklong Installations
galleries are open from 11am to 6 pm

Reading Room in GCCs B/C/D
Lucas Blalock in Vollum Lounge
Erik Wysocan in the Feldenheimer Gallery
Antoine Catala in GCC A
Oliver Laric in GCC B,C,D, Vollum Lounge, the Art Building Conference Room, Chapel
Ginny Cook in GCC B,C,D, Vollum Lounge, Chapel, the Art Building Conference Room
Trisha Donnelly in racquetball court #2
LAMNISCAPE in raquetball court #1
Take a Break From Now: Future Youth in the PAB Atrium
Whelm in the Pingpong room
Quaestio Mihi Factus Sum in the Bong Loft
Incidentals (music for deserts) under the PAB stairs
Fountain of Beauty: Salon and Spa on the PAB terrace
Book of Death in the old library entrance
Joan in Bathrooms in the pool hall bathrooms
Crossing the Hawthorne Bridge in the library
Visual Study of Sound in the Bong Loft
Untitled by C. Truong-Jones on the 3rd floor of PAB
On A Wind Turned Dark With Burning in Gray lounge
3.8 PAB 2nd floor viewing wallbr> i Gag in the paradox
There You Are in the PAB
Does this Look Familiar to You? scattered around campus
**** in GCCs
I Want My Scars to Show Where I've Been in the PAB
Untitled by A. Recinos in Winch
1823-1948 in the Cooley Gallery foyer