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The 23rd annual student-run art festival Reed Arts Week (RAW) will consider the theme of RUPTURE.

Taking place from February 29th to March 4th, Reed Arts Week 2012: RUPTURE comes to Reed College Campus with both visiting and student artists presenting visual art, performances, installations, and lectures. RAW 2012: RUPTURE seeks to explore the moments in which established norms and trajectories are interrupted and cast aside in favor of new and unexpected ideas Š when, in extraordinary situations, we are shaken from our stations and envision the world anew. Considering this theme across a variety of spectrums, both monumental and surreptitious, individual and political, spiritual and corporeal, RAW 2012: RUPTURE aims to push and exceed the boundaries of both the imaginary and the everyday; it seeks the bliss and births that come from breaking.

The lineup includes artists such as dance-theatre-media performance group Troika Ranch, Chicago-based artist Curtis Mann, writer and editor at Semiotext(e) Chris Kraus, conceptual artist Andrew Norman Wilson, and Los Angeles-based avant-pop group Lucky Dragons, as well as an evening showcase of Portland-based performing artists including Oregon Painting Society, Sarah Johnson, Tom Blood, and many more. This yearÕs festival features 26 visiting artists and over 30 student art projects happening across campus.

All events listed here are open to the public. Maps showing the location and times of the exhibitions will be available on campus.

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