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REED ARTS WEEK 2012: RUPTURE is an invitation to explore the moments in which established norms and trajectories are interrupted and cast aside in favor of new and unexpected ideas - when, in extraordinary situations both monumental and surreptitious, we are shaken from our stations and see the world anew. Considering this theme across a variety of spectrums, including social, political, perceptual and corporeal, RAW 2012: RUPTURE aims to push and exceed the boundaries of both the imaginary and the everyday; it seeks the bliss and births that come from breaking.

Taking place from February 29th to March 4th, Reed Arts Week 2012: RUPTURE comes to Reed College Campus with both visiting and student artists presenting performances, lectures, installations, and visual art. The line-up includes features artists such as Chicago-based artist Curtis Mann, writer and editor at Semiotext(e) Chris Kraus, Portland-based dance troupe Troika Ranch, and musicians Lucky Dragons. In addition this year's festival features 26 visiting artists and over 25 student art projects on and around campus.

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