Visiting Artists

Melvin Edward Nelson
Kathy Westwater
Ben Wolf
Francis Alÿs
Gary Wiseman &
Gabe Flores
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Lectures / Workshops
Lize Mogel
Lectures and Workshops

"On Rootless Lines"

Dejan Lukic

We are surrounded by lines. Some we make ourselves, others are drawn for us. They enclose us and liberate us; we follow them and deviate from them. There are lines of thought, lines of texts, lines of rivers, lines of textiles, lines of paint. There are rigid grid lines of the new cities, twisted lines of political maps, violent lines of projectiles. In short, the political and the poetic collide on a line of existence. So what happens when lines become amorphous, and plants political, and lighting-bolt an image for thought?

"Walking the Cemetery: Detroit Poems"

Crystal Williams

In these troubling days, Detroit, MI, has become a metaphor for our national failures, our despair, our longing, our fears. But for some of us, Detroit is home, the place we first learned to love, laugh, and, yes, lose. The poems from this in-progress collection, "Walking the Cemetery: Detroit Poems," investigate memory and love and loss and use the city, my city--as it was once and as it is--as their backdrop.

"Grassroots Mapping & DIY Aerospace"

Matthew Lippincott

In this talk, aerospace artist Mathew Lippincott will discuss the growth of low-cost/DIY practice in aerospace, and his own work with Grassroots Mapping and PLOTS (Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science). Inexpensive tools and distributed R&D are enabling community-led investigations that break traditional boundaries of professional science and community activism. As a balloon developer, Mathew collaborates on low-cost balloon and kite photography equipment for map-making with Grassroots Mapping, whose images of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill broke BP's media blackout with high-resolution coastal maps of critical sites. He is also a founding member of PLOTS, a principal at sanitation research initiative Cloacina, and a resident of Portland. The talk will be followed by a demonstration of balloons and discussion of construction techniques including heat seaming, gluing, and taping balloons, ground-handling, and flight basics. Participants will be able to take home a simple solar balloon construction kit.


Kathy Westwater

Kahty Westwater will conduct a movement and voice workshop entitled labPARK. This is a workshop exploring improvisational movement and voice practices used to create PARK and that explore cycles of consumption and waste, and destruction and construction, of body and land. The creative physical practices that underlie PARK, that will be explored in labPARK, have been developed to lead one from what is known, apprehensible, and consumable into the structural unknown. These practices speak to the inherent adaptability of the human body and mind to ever shifting circumstance and environment. This workshop is designed for experienced and non- experienced movers alike.

"Ephemeral Geographies:
Non-empirical Contexts in Art Brut"

Randall Morris

The greatest works of art brut document intangible worlds. Myth, magic, and multi-dimensional experience is all taken as natural and given. Melvin Edward Nelson was one of many artists whose visions reflected out of body experiences and visionary involvement. This lecture will discuss other artists who work in other cultural milieu to be inter-dimensional gatekeepers and travelers.

"Return to Tiger Mountain"

Flying Bird Kung Fu Puppet Theater

This thirty-minute puppet show will be presented in the natural environs of the Reed Canyon (beneath the theater building, on the banks of Crystal Springs). Although the audience will be protected from falling rain, please dress warmly and be prepared to sit on the cold, unforgiving ground.