Visiting Artists

Melvin Edward Nelson
Kathy Westwater
Ben Wolf
Francis Alÿs
Gary Wiseman &
Gabe Flores
Jacinda Russell &
Nancy Douthey
Lectures / Workshops
Lize Mogel
Francis Alÿs
Paradox of Praxis

Paradox of Praxis 1
(Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing)
, 1997

The works of Francis Alÿs emerge in the interdisciplinary space of art, architecture, and social practice. The Belgian-born artist left behind his formal training as an architect and relocated to Mexico City, creating a diverse body of artwork that explores issues of urbanity, spatial justice, and the poetics of the land. From painting to performance art, his works engage micropolitics with a paradoxical eye to both their futility and creative power. RAW: GEOGRAPHIES will present screenings of three works: When Faith Moves Mountains, Paradox of Practice, and Retoque/Painting. All three video works will be screened together on Thursday 3/3 at 4:00 PM, and Saturday 3/5 at 4:00 PM.