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>>Gallery Hours are 10 AM - 5PM Wednesday thru Sunday<<
All lectures are free of cost. Sign-up for workshops at the Student Activities Office.


The four members of the San Francisco comedy troupe Kasper Hauser - Dan Klein, Rob Baedeker, and identical twins James and John Reichmuth - create irreverent parodies of pop culture touchstones, including KHraigslist and SkyMaul. They headline many of the best comedy clubs and festivals in the U.S. and Canada, and won the Herald Angel at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Kasper Hauser's members have appeared on Comedy Central, and they wrote and starred in the feature films Fishing with Gandhi and Cow Monkey. Kasper Hauser will perform This is An American Life? in the chapel on Friday 3/6 and Saturday 3/7 from 8-9 PM.


Dr. Eugene Tsui is an internationally renowned visionary architect and urban planner, as well as an accomplished clothing designer and Olympic gymnast. He has developed a unique theory of architecture based on organic forms, and creates unusual designs drawn from natural structures like nests, webs, and termite mounds. Dr. Tsui’s firm is also committed to green building practices such as incorporating solar and wind power. His proposed projects include a floating land bridge stretching across the Strait of Gibraltar, a two-mile high megacity, and a hamburger-shaped museum. Dr. Tsui will be giving a lecture on the future of urban development in China, co-sponsored by the Cooley Gallery’s China Urban exhibition in Psych 105 on Friday 3/6 from 7-8:30 PM. He will give two workshops, on clothing design (Thursday 3/5 from 5:30-7 in Aspen) and megacities (on Friday 3/6 from 4-5:30 in Aspen), as well as exhibit an array of futuristic ensembles and drawings (on view in the library).


Hot Little Hands is Portland dance company directed by choreographer Suniti Dernovsek and visual artist David Stein. They use wigs, masks, wearable art, and unexpected settings to tell surreal narratives. Detailed movement, rich visuals, and original music combine to create a haunting and thought provoking experience. Bizarre and flamboyant, their performances transport viewers into a zone of unreality. Their past productions include the shows Avian fable (2007) and Marionette (2004). They will be performing Lawn of the Limp, a fantastical, nightmarish new piece, in Kaul on Wednesday 3/4 at 7 PM and Thursday 3/5 at 5 PM. Admission is free for Reed students, $10 for non-students.


Jason Lazarus' photographs expose the absurdity and tragedy of making art in America, with subjects ranging from the popular (handwritten Lil Wayne lyrics) to the personal (his grandmother’s wallpaper).  He exhibits internationally and was the subject of a solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Lazarus will bring the Nirvana Project to Reed, an interactive work of art in which individuals share recollections of their introduction to the legendary grunge band. The resulting photos and notes, displayed alongside a Nirvana listening booth, form a poignant document of adolescence, celebrating music’s power to unite divergent lives into common experience. Reed students are asked to participate in the project by submitting their own photos and memories of being introduced to Nirvana, in Vollum Lounge 10 AM - 5 PM on Wed. 3/4 and Thurs. 3/5.


Martin Kersels, co-director of the Program in Art at the California Institute of the Arts, is a Los Angeles-based artist who works with sculpture, audio, photography and performance. He has had one-person shows in New York, Los Angeles, Bern and Paris. His work has also been shown in numerous group shows such as Departures: 11 Artists at the Getty, Young Americans 2 at the Saatchi Collection, and The 1997 Whitney Biennial. His work is held in various collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, MOCA Los Angeles, The J. Paul Getty Museum and the Norton Family Foundation. Martin Kersels will be giving a lecture at 7 PM on Saturday 3/7 in Eliot 314, co-sponsored by Peter Krieder and the Art Department.


Tao Lin is a poet, novelist, and short story writer. He is the author of two novels, Eeeee Eee Eeeee, and Shoplifitng from American Apparel, and his writing has appeared in Vice, Esquire, The Stranger, and other magazines. His blog (sponsored by American Apparel) is a collection of book reviews, pop-cultural musings, and emotional graphs and charts. Lin's graphic work is as colorful and chaotic as his writing, and both reflect the absurdity and thrill of a high-tech urban existence. He will read from his recent work in The Chapel on Thursday 3/5 from 6-7 PM.


Sarah Ross is an artist who teaches at Illinois State University and an Illinois state prison. Ross uses sculpture and performance to explore the potential for enjoyment and leisure in public space. She will be holding a seminar centered on her piece InAction, a suite of confrontational furniture designed to facilitate public relaxation, which will take place in Aspen on Friday 3/6 from 5:30-7 PM. Portable lounging units can be attached together to create communal spaces in the middle of busy sidewalks and shopping centers. This project exploits the transgressive potential of laziness to subvert capitalist norms; it suggests productivity in doing nothing as an antidote to over accumulation and production. Her Archisuits, a set of four leisure jogging suits made for specific architectural spaces in Los Angeles, will be on display in GCC-A.


Dan S. used to be in college just like you, and he did really well there. He graduated with a BFA in History and the social respect of his professors; renowned short-story writer Amy Hempel once laughed at his joke when standing in line at the Skidmore cafeteria. He is an Internet celebrity known for his viral hit photograph with the Blazers' Greg Oden, and has been physically compared to "that guy from Phish" and Carrot Top. He has one more year on his parent's health insurance but will remain on their cell phone family plan until further notice. His person along with his uniquely humorous yet sensitive drawing-sculpture collage installation strategy project will be exhibited in Vollum Lounge on Thursday 3/5 and Friday 3/6 from 12-2 PM.


Local arts collective The Oregon Painting Society will give Reed students an opportunity to collaborate on an installation art piece with professional artists. They will create an inspiring space in GCC-B from Thursday 3/5 to Sunday 3/8, inviting students to drop in and experiment with eclectic materials. The Society makes surreal tableaus in the style of natural history museums. Familiar household items and enigmatic costumes are displayed as the only remaining artifacts of vanished civilizations. Their work celebrates the material world by imagining a fully formed, newly discovered artistic culture. Their odd vision was realized in a large-scale installation at the Fontanelle Gallery in 2008.


Jorge Lucero is a Chicago-based visual and performance artist whose work focuses on creating art communally through teaching. From 2002 to 2007 he and his high school students collaborated with the performance group Goat Island. Using masks, props, assignments and activities, he transforms the traditional lecture into an interactive performance. A screening of his three commissioned videos, responding to the prompts "Free falling" and "Making a Masterpiece in 15 minutes," precede a live Skype Q&A session between himself and his audience, which will take place in the Chapel Wed. 3/4 from 6-7:30 PM. This virtual chat is an appropriate format for his explorations of nearness and connection in an increasingly digitized world.


Neal Medlyn is a model, go-go dancer, performer, and author of the book Sexual Buttocks. He will perform an interactive choose-your-own adventure program via a Skype live-feed video in the Chapel on Wed. 3/4 from 6-7:30. Viewers can text instructions that he will attempt to follow in the confines of a booby-trapped apartment.


Jeffrey Baker is a poet and video artist who currently resides in New York City. He will be giving free Psychiatric Help from Thursday through Saturday at 4-6 PM and will perform a lecture with original video in the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery. These events are sponsored by Stephanie Snyder and the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery.


Based out of Los Angeles, blackblack will be coming to Reed to play at Masquerade Ball on Saturday Night, and will be holding a workshop in Winch at noon on Saturday 3/7. blackblack events are open ONLY to the Reed community- Not open to the public.