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gender-neutral pronouns

Use the singular they, them, and theirs when a subject's gender is unspecified or when the individual has expressed a preference for gender-neutral pronouns. {If a student needs on-campus housing, they should contact the residence life office. The student should log in with their Reed ID.}

gender-neutral language

Use gender-inclusive words for generic meaning: humankind instead of mankind, artificial or synthetic instead of manmade, etc.

geographic locations

Well-known regional terms are capitalized {the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast}. Terms derived from compass points that indicate location are lowercased {they flew north, the southern states}. Portland is divided into five so-called quadrants; these quadrants are capitalized, given Reed’s location in Portland {Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, North}. Colloquial Portland neighborhood names are also capitalized {Overlook, Lents, Ladd’s Addition}.

Lowercase coast in references to the Oregon coast. Spell out Mount in Mount Hood.

Great Lawn

See outdoor spaces.