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Follow these instructions to collaborate with the public affairs creative team on print and digital materials.

Complete a creative intake form

If you have any questions about the process, your project, or this guide, contact project manager Aimee Sisco by email or phone at 503/777-7574.

What is "creative"? What is our "brand"?

Creative is anything public affairs makes—postcards, web pages, logos—to promote Reed or Reed events. Our brand is the collection of stories we tell about Reed. We use logos, taglines, graphics, words, print materials, web designs, tweets, posts, images, and videos—essentially, creative—to tell and strengthen Reed's story.

How can the public affairs creative team help?

Public affairs can

  1. copyedit your content for flow, style, and length while capturing your most important message;
  2. design your content for print and digital;
  3. manage your project to meet deadlines and ensure timely delivery.

Step 1: Complete a creative intake form

Complete a creative intake form to describe your project and tell us your deadline. The details you provide in the brief will help our team understand the scope of your project and the production timeline.

Complete a creative intake form

Step 2: Discuss your project details with public affairs

Our project manager, Aimee Sisco, will coordinate with the public affairs creative team to determine who will be involved—project manager, designer, editor—on your project. They will follow up with you to talk about the details of your project.

  • Who is responsible for writing the copy?
  • Who is responsible for acquiring or creating visuals?
  • Who needs to approve of the proofs during the process?
  • What are the quantities for your print pieces?

Step 3: Start a project on Basecamp.

Basecamp is the project management software we use to track progress and share files. If you haven't used it before, public affairs can help. After we receive your brief, we'll create a workback schedule as a list of to-dos in Basecamp. We may also schedule an intake meeting, if needed, to fully understand the vision for your project. For more information about Basecamp, read our FAQ.

Step 4: Send drafted text and any visuals (pictures) to the project manager.

If your project has text elements, you will need to upload a draft of your copy to the Basecamp project and alert the project manager, Aimee. You can upload the copy as either a Google document or Microsoft Word document. Your public affairs project manager will talk to you on a case-by-case basis to ensure version control.

A "to-do" in Basecamp will tell you when to upload it. You may choose to send draft copy in either Google Doc or Microsoft Word. Both formats have their strengths: Google allows for live collaboration and fluid editing while Microsoft Word locks drafts after saving to ensure version control. For final copy, the project manager will extract the text from either format into a Microsoft Word document and upload that to Basecamp for the designer.

Step 5: The project manager or graphic designer will send you proofs and request feedback.

The project manager or graphic designer will send you proofs and give you a date for responding with feedback. You are responsible for circulating proofs with your team and collecting feedback all at once to deliver to the project manager. On Basecamp, the project manager will assign you a to-do and a deadline for responding with feedback. Some projects will have multiple proofs.

Step 6: The creative team will develop a final version for print, web, or email.

Your project is finished! The project manager or designer will alert you when your project is either sent to the printer, delivered to your audience, or live on the web. If this will be a recurring project, remember the steps within the process for future collaboration with public affairs.

Ready to start your project? Download a creative brief and email it to Aimee Sisco.