Junior Qualifying Exam

Students at Reed take a Qualifying Examination during the semester before their final year.  Successful completion of the examination is prerequisite to becoming a senior.  In the psychology Junior Qual, students are asked to summarize and evaluate a research article, and to design a research proposal to answer a question suggested by the research article.

Psychology majors are required to complete five units in Psychology, two of which must be core courses, before they can take the Qualifying Exam.

The Junior Qualifying Examination is administered during an announced period in the spring semester, and during the second quarter of the fall semester for students who will begin a mid-year thesis.  If the student is asked to resubmit the Qual, the revision must be turned in before the end of the same semester in which the Qual was taken.  A student must have passed the Qual before registering for the senior thesis.  Note:  Interdisciplinary programs generally require taking a Qual from each participating discipline or a single special qualifying examination prepared by the two departments.