Presidential Search

News and Updates

To: The Reed College Community
From: Roger M. Perlmutter, Chairman, Reed College Board of Trustees
Date: August 16, 2011
Subject: Presidential Search Committee

I am pleased to announce that Anna Hayes Levin, an attorney and a trustee since 2005, has agreed to chair the search committee charged with identifying Reed’s next president. Anna will be joined by the following members of the Reed community.

Trustee members:
Dan Greenberg ’62
George James ’77
Sandy E. Mintz
Roger M. Perlmutter ’73 (ex-officio)
John Sheehy ’82
Rick Wollenberg ’75

Faculty members:
Ken Brashier, professor of religion and humanities
Mary James, A.A. Knowlton Professor of Physics
Gerri Ondrizek, professor of art
Jan Mieszkowski, professor of German and humanities
Jeff Parker, George Hay Professor of Economics
Catherine Witt, associate professor of French

Ed McFarlane, vice president and treasurer
Nora McConnell-Johnson, student body president

The search committee will begin its deliberations later this month, at which time formal mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that all members of the Reed community can provide advice regarding both the recruitment process and the selection of candidates.

I wish to thank each member of the committee for their willingness to undertake this important task.