Privacy, Web & Copyright Policies

Web Policy Committee

The Reed College Web Policy Committee, appointed by the president, is charged with developing web policies and monitoring appropriate use of the Reed College web site.  In this capacity it is responsible for:

  1. recommending to the President the adoption of policies or standards governing:
    1. the architecture of the web site, including the links to be identified on the home page and on major secondary pages and major pathways for navigating the site;
    2. inappropriate uses of the web site;
    3. the identification of persons or officers with primary responsibility for the content of particular web pages;
    4. establishment of web pages by persons or organizations not directly affiliated with the college;
  2. reviewing disputes over the application of standards described in paragraph 1 above, and recommending to the President resolution of such disputes;
  3. reviewing and commenting on major design changes (including major changes in the visual design of the home page or major secondary pages, or changes in the colors, fonts, and overall "look" of the web site in general) proposed from time to time by the Office of Public Affairs;
  4. identifying needs for new web projects and recommending priorities for development of new web projects.

The Committee seeks to balance the needs and demands of many constituencies, both internal and external, to pursue the goals of Reed's web site, as articulated in Reed's Web Policy:

The Reed College World Wide Web (WWW) site is a campus-wide information system that enhances the intellectual life of Reed students and faculty as they pursue curricular and research activities through a diverse, world-wide network of electronic resources. The Reed Web also provides faculty, students, and staff with an effective communications medium to distribute information to the Reed community and to the world at large about the college's mission, academic programs, library resources and information technology, admission and financial aid, campus policies and procedures, student organizations, events, publications, and people.

The Committee works cooperatively with the Office of Public Affairs, Computing & Information Services, faculty, students, and others to fulfill its mission.  Composition of the Committee includes:

  • Director of Institutional Research (chair)
  • Vice President/Treasurer
  • Dean of Admission
  • Director of Public Affairs
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Faculty (two)
  • Student (one)

Web Policy Committee Members

  • Stacey Kim, interim director of public affairs
  • Ann Delehanty, associate professor of French and humanities
  • Alex Montgomery, assistant professor of political science
  • Keith Todd, dean of admission
  • Edwin McFarlane, vice president and treasurer
  • Martin Ringle, chief information officer
  • student, TBA

Web Policy Committee Agendas and Minutes

January 2011