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Summer Internships

The Department has a program to fund student summer work, the Corbett Collaborative Grants. Students receive summer fellowships sufficient to match the income from a "good" summer job. All are full-time commitments, i.e., 40 hours per week for ten weeks. Students are eligible for only one Corbett during their Reed careers. Although most interns are political science or economics majors, the program is open to all Reed undergraduates regardless of major.

The Corbett grants are funded through endowments provided by generous gifts from the Corbett family who have strong interests in public policy and "good government" in its best sense. We are very fortunate to have these opportunities available. 

The Corbett grants support a summer research project in public policy for a faculty member and one or two students working collaboratively as a team. The Corbett emphasis on "collaborative" requires meaningful research roles for all participants (faculty and students) detailed in a formal proposal prepared jointly by the student(s) and the faculty member. Two summer Corbetts are normally granted, but more are possible if the proposals are extraordinary. Faculty also receive a stipend and are expected to make this a major part of their summer work.

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