Political Science

Requirements for the Major (2017)

The requirements listed below are mandatory for all students entering in Fall 2017, and encouraged for all students who declare during or after Spring 2017. Please see declaring under 2016 or 2017 requirements for an elaboration of departmental policies.
  1. At least two empirical introductory courses a. Introduction to Comparative Politics (220). b. Introduction to International Relations (240). c. Introduction to American Politics and Public Policy (260, formerly 210/250).
  2. At least one Political Theory course (230, 280–298, or 380–415).
  3. Statistics: one of Political Science 311, Mathematics 141, Economics 311 or 312, Sociology 311, or Psychology 348. Students are strongly encouraged to complete this requirement in their sophomore year or first semester of their junior year.
  4. Junior Seminar.
  5. Political Science 470.
  6. Four additional units in political science.
  7. Subfield Depth: Students must take at least two courses in each of two subfields: American Politics and Public Policy (260, 360–379, 460–469), Comparative Politics (220, 320–339, 420–439), International Relations (240, 340–359, 440–459), or Political Theory (280–298, 380–415)
  8. Junior qualifying examination. Students may take the junior qualifying examination during either semester of the junior year, but must have completed both empirical introductory courses and at least one upper-level course before doing so. Specific requirements are stated on the department junior qualifying examination page, www.reed.edu/poli_sci/resources/juniorqual.html.

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