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Summer Internships

The Department has two programs to fund student summer work, the Ducey and Washington, DC Summer Internships and the Corbett Collaborative Grants (which are administered along with the Goldhammer Collaborative Grants in Economics, affectionately known as the "Corbhammers"). In each case, students receive summer fellowships sufficient to match the income from a "good" summer job. All are full-time commitments, i.e., 40 hours per week for ten weeks. Students are eligible for only one Corbhammer or one Ducey during their Reed careers. Although most interns and fellows are political science or economics majors, the program is open to all Reed undergraduates regardless of major.

The Duceys and the Corbhammers are funded through endowments provided by generous gifts from the Corbett and Goldhammer families and the late Elizabeth Ducey all of whom have strong interests in public policy and "good government" in its best sense. We are very fortunate to have these opportunities available. 

The Corbhammers support a summer research project in public policy for a faculty member and one or two students working collaboratively as a team. The Corbhammer emphasis on "collaborative" requires meaningful research roles for all participants (faculty and students) detailed in a formal proposal prepared jointly by the student(s) and the faculty member. Two summer Corbetts are normally granted, but more are possible if the proposals are extraordinary (in addition to the Goldhammers). Faculty also receive a stipend and are expected to make this a major part of their summer work.

The Ducey and the Washington, DC Summer Internships are different in that they do not involve a faculty member except as an informal advisor. The Washington, DC Summer Internships must be served in Washington, DC; while Ducey internships may be served anywhere in the world. The Duceys provide a stipend for a student to work with an agency outside the College for the summer. The goal of the Ducey Internships is to provide students with the opportunity to spend their summers working and researching full-time in a policy-making institution of their choice, typically a governmental agency or a non-profit organization that develops, influences or implements policy. Ducey summer interns are expected to participate in real policy making or research during the course of their internships.

Ducey Public Policy Organizations

Below is a list of organizations where students completed their Ducey internship.

Year Organization  Location Recipient's Year Recipient's Major
2000 Fundacion de Antropologia Forense de Guatemala and Equipo de estudios Comunitariois Accion Psicosocial Guatemala Jr. PS
2000 Southern Poverty Law Center Montgomery, Ala Soph. PS
2000 Choice USA Wash, DC Jr. Religion
2000 Czech Helsinki Committee Prague, CZ Soph. Hist
2001 Natl Center For Children in  Poverty NY,NY Jr. Rus
2001 Center for Development of Non-Profit Center Belgrade, YU Jr. PS
2001 Computer Ethics Institute Wash, DC Jr. Phil
2001 SA Environmental Project Cape Town, SA Jr. ICPS (PS)
2002 Corporation for Judicial Excellence Bogota, Colombia Jr. Econ
2002 SEILI Local 503 Salem, OR Jr. PS
2002 Policy Link Pasadena, CA Jr. PS
2003 Congressional Management Foundation Wash, DC Soph. PS
2003 Intl Federation of the Red Cross NY, Geneva, CH Jr. PS
2003 ACLU Immigrant Rights Project Oakland, CA Jr. Anth
2003 Youth Justice Project South Africa Jr. PS
2003 Center for Interethnic Cooperation Moscow Jr. Rus
2004 Vital Voices Wash, DC Jr.  ICPS
2004 Amnesty International Los Angeles, CA Jr. PS
2004 Planned Parenthood, Portland Portland Jr. Soc
2004 Project Vote Smart Philipsburg, MT Jr. Russ/PS
2005 UN Food & Agriculture Organization Wash, DC Jr. Alt. Bio.
2005 Congress Watch Wash, DC Jr. PS
2005 Mercy Corps Portland Jr. Econ
2006 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Wash, DC Jr.  PS
2006 Roosevelt Institution San Francisco, CA Jr. Eng
2006 Economists for Peace and Security New York, NY Soph. Econ.
2007 Center for Intercultural Organizing Portland Jr. Anth
2007 1000 Friends of Oregon Portland Soph. ICPS (PS)
2007 Public Defender Service of DC Wash, DC Jr. Psych
2008 METRO Portland Jr. PS
2008 The Arms Control Association Wash, DC Jr. PS
2008 The Partnership for Safety and Justice Portland and Field Jr.  Soc
2009 Genetic Alliance Wash, DC Jr. PS
2009 Willamette Partnership Salem, OR Sr. (F10) PS
2009 Public Defenders Service of DC Wash, DC Sr.(F10) Phil
2010 BRAC Advocacy and Human Rights Unit Mohakhali, Dhaka - Bangladesh Jr. PS
2010 Senate Democratic Leadership Fund Portland, OR Soph. PS
2010 Grameen Bank Mirpur, Dhaka - Bangladesh Soph. Econ
2010 Policy Action Manila, Philippines Jr. Econ
2011 Willamette Pedestrian Coalition Portland Soph. Econ
2011 Immigration Policy, Center for American Progress Wash, DC SR (F11) Hist
2011 Faith & Progressive Policy, Center for American Progress Wash, DC Jr. Religion
2012 Janaagraha Bangalore - India Soph. ICPS (PS)
2012 World Policy Institute NY, NY Soph. ICPS (H)
2013 Roosevelt Summer Academy Wash, DC Frosh PS
2013 Public Citizen Wash, DC Soph. Soc
2013 World Health Organization Geneva, Switzerland Jr. Econ
2014 Mercy Corps Portland Soph. Hist
2014 Nuclear Proliferation International History Project Wash, DC Jr. PS
2014 Center for Popular Democracy NY, NY Jr. PS
2014 Fair Housing Council of Oregon Portland Jr. Econ
2015 Visayan Forum Foundation Philippines Soph. Econ

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