Selected Student Publications 2000-2021

(Reed students in bold face.)

  1. K. Benkendorfer and A. J. Larkoski, "Grooming at the cusp: all-orders predictions for the transition region of jet groomers," JHEP 11, 188 (2021)
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  3. Reservoir-computing machine-learning algorithms as observers of spatio-temporal chaos (Lucas Illing and Noah Shofer), CMSIM 2, 163 (2020).
  4. Calculating Pull for Non-Singlet Jets (Yunjia Bao and Andrew Larkoski), JHEP 1912, 035 (2019).
  5. New Insights on an Old Problem: Resummation of the D-parameter (Andrew Larkoski and Aja Procita), JHEP 1902, 104 (2019).
  6. Novel Jet Observables from Machine Learning (Kaustuv Datta and Andrew Larkoski), JHEP 1803, 086 (2018).
  7. Periodic and quasiperiodic dynamics of optoelectronic oscillators with narrow-band time-delayed feedback (Yunjia Bao, Ella Banyas and Lucas Illing), Phys. Rev. E 98, 062207 (2018).
  8. Determining the Muon Mass Using a Scintillator-Based Detector (Neal Woo and John Essick)American Journal of Physics 85, 611 (2017).
  9. How much information is in a jet? (Kaustuv Datta and Andrew Larkoski), JHEP 1706, 073 (2017).
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