(excerpted from "Rensselaer Catalog 94/96," from "Reed College Affiliated Engineering Program with RPI," and from "at Rensselaer"):

. . . . Upon the recommendation of the college's pre-engineering committee, the student . . . enters Rensselaer for two or three years of concentration in engineering and applied science. Where graduate degree programs at Rensselaer are involved, admission will be decided upon by the Graduate Admission Committee. To signify completion of this program, the student receives at least two degrees -- one from the college and one or more from Rensselaer.

Interested students should apply for the program during the fall of their junior year on the recommendation of the liberal arts college's pre-engineering committee. Applications are available from Rensselaer's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. An official college transcript is required in addition to a letter of recommendation from the liberal arts college's pre-engineering committee. Most students accepted for the Affiliated College Program have achieved at least a B average with grades of A or B in calculus, calculus-based physics, and chemistry courses.

Three options are available:

In all these options careful planning is necessary and the student is encouraged to contact the chairman of the curricular field in engineering in which he or she has a major interest.


The pre-engineering adviser at the liberal arts college is familiar with the pre-engineering requirements and can advise students in the affiliated college plan concerning courses that will develop the necessary background. However, some general guidelines can be offered for planning the first three years.

To be equipped to make maximum progress in the engineering part of the program, the student should have:


You may consult the RPI Engineering page directly if you like.

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