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Mohammad Hosayn, son of ‘Enāyat-Allāh, was born in Tabriz in the beginning of the sixteenth century.  From his childhood, he showed great interest in learning Nasta‘liq and benefited from studying with such notable masters as Mālek Deylami and Ahmad al-Hosayni Mashhadi.

He is the bridge that connects the outstanding calligraphers that preceded him (like Mir ‘Ali al-Kāteb) and and the most notable calligraphers of the middle of the Safavid era (like Mir ‘Emād and ‘Ali-Rezā ‘Abbāsi).

Few of Mohammad Hosayn’s works remain.  In authenticating his calligraphy, one must be aware that both during his time and afterwards there were many other famous calligraphers by the name of Mohammad Hosayn.  For this reason, it is possible that their writings could be mistakenly attributed to one another.  The bulk of Mohammad Hosayn Tabrizi’s reputation as an artist is attributable to his training students such as Mir ‘Emād, ‘Ali-Rezā ‘Abbāsi, and Mohammad Rezā Tabrizi, who are among the shining stars in the world of calligraphy In Iran.

Mohammad Hosayn died in 1677 CE.