Orientation 2019

Getting Around Portland

There are many ways to travel our fair city—some are even self-propelled.

Cars and Other Vehicles on Campus

If you bring a car to Reed, please park only in the college's parking lots. Parking in Reed's lots is free, but students must register their vehicles with community safety during Orientation. Per Oregon state law, motorcycle and moped users are required to wear helmets.

Bikes on Campus

Bikes are an inexpensive, reliable, and effective way to get around campus and greater Portland. Even an honorable community like Reed’s is not immune to crime, and bike theft is a problem on campus. If you bring a bike to campus or purchase one once you arrive in town, research reliable locks and buy the best one available. If you are an avid bike rider with a high-end bike, you might consider buying an inexpensive bike for short trips and for parking on campus. Regardless, you should check with your insurance carrier about bicycle coverage and register your bike with community safety. Don't forget to pack your helmet, too.

Oregon law requires you to use lights after dark. For bike advice and maintenance, try the student-run bike co-op. Members can help you keep your bike in good repair and can even teach you how to do it yourself. Best of all, all of their services are free!

Public Transportation

TriMet is Portland’s network of buses and light rail trains. Students can save up to 50 percent on the cost of monthly TriMet passes at the cashier’s window in Eliot Hall. You can even charge your pass to your Reed account. TriMet schedules are available outside the cashier’s window; from the switchboard in 28 West; and in the bookstore, which also has route maps and single ride tickets. TriMet provides bicycle transport and offers bike lockers in some stations.


ZipCar is the leading national company for car sharing, providing 24/7 access to cars parked right on campus. This is an excellent alternative to the hassle and expense of owning your own vehicle. Several cars are located on campus. You can simply reserve a car online, let yourself in with your ZipCard, and drive. The hourly and daily rental rates always include gas and insurance. ZipCar representatives will be on campus during Orientation at the Local Services Fair. 

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