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Contacting New Reedies


Jon Edgington, mail services manager

Gray Campus Center lower level


Once new students arrive on campus, they should visit mail services on the lower level of Gray Campus Center.

At the mail services window, they'll be given the combination to their mail stop box, if needed, and can pick up any shipments that have already arrived for them. Students will receive both an email notification and a notice in their boxes when packages arrive. Bring the slips to the mail services window and pick up your packages. Hand trucks are available for transporting large packages to your dorm.

Mail stop numbers will be assigned around July 15. Please check your IRIS account to get your mail stop number. After August 15, you can start shipping your things to Reed via UPS, U.S. Postal Service, and FedEx. Please do not begin shipping until August 15. If scheduling requires that you ship before August 15, please call or email mail services to make special arrangements.

Use the address format below for all student mail at Reed:

Student Name

Reed College MS ###

3203 SE Woodstock Blvd

Portland, OR 97202-8199

Note: Always use the designation “MS” (mail stop). Our mail receptacles are not “P.O. Boxes” or “Boxes”.  They are Mail Stops. Your mail may be misdirected by USPS if designations other than “MS” are used. This is important to remember when you open a bank account or start a magazine subscription. If, for some reason, you cannot access your Mail Stop number at shipping time, write “new student” in the second line of the address.

Always keep your mailbox door locked to deter theft. After you check your mail, close the door, and twirl the dials to lock it.


All Reedies have at least two email addresses at reed.edu. Both go to the same inbox. One is based on the full name (usually first.last@reed.edu, unless there is a conflict). The other is based on the network username (username@reed.edu). Either will work in any combination of upper- and lowercase letters. You will be assigned an email address when you activate your computer account by following the instructions on the personalized letter you receive about accessing IRIS. If you did not receive such a letter within two weeks of submitting your deposit, contact the orientation office immediately.


A cell phone with a long-distance calling plan is the best option for students who want to be in touch with friends and family off-campus. Most students bring a cell phone from home and often have numbers from outside the area. Skype and Google Hangouts are quality free services for video calls home including international locations.

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