Orientation 2019

Advising and Registration

Each Reed student is assigned an academic adviser; advisers are members of the faculty who can work with you for a semester or throughout your Reed career.

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When you check in for Orientation you will receive an Orientation Schedule with your adviser’s name and appointment time. Your adviser assignment will also be sent to your Reed email. Registration for fall and spring classes happens on Thursday of Orientation week. Before meeting with your adviser be sure to view the most up-to-date version of the Schedule of Classes. At your meeting, your adviser will give you the personal identification number (PIN) needed to register. Register online on SOLAR immediately after your academic advising appointment in the computer lab where registrar staff are there to assist you.

Placement exams

Placement exams help determine which courses are appropriate for your experience level, and successful completion of a placement exam enables you to skip the introductory course in some departments. You will not receive credit for courses you place out of, so there's no reason to take a placement exam unless you intend to enroll in the relevant class(es). If you're hoping to place out of first year Greek, Latin, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Physics, Economics, or Music Theory, you'll need to take the relevant placement exam(s) before classes begin. Placement exam results last for your entire Reed career, so you are encouraged to take the relevant placement exam(s) now (while the material is fresh), even if you don't expect to take the course until later in your Reed career.

All placement exams, other than Arabic, are offered in person during Orientation. The German and Arabic placement exams are available online over the summer, and you are encouraged to take these exams early, if applicable. Your results will be available before your advising meeting. Click here for more information about the German placement exam. Click here for more information about the Arabic placement exam and studying Arabic through Reed's partnership with Lewis & Clark College. This year's placement exam information can be found in the Orientation schedule.

Get ready to meet with your adviser

During Orientation, you'll receive an email* notification of your adviser assignment and appointment time. All advising appointments will be on Thursday, August 29. It is very important that you show up to your advising meeting on time and with a sense of where your academic adventure will begin. Do this by preparing a tentative schedule for both fall and spring semesters before meeting with your adviser. Immediately after this meeting, you'll register for classes.

We don't expect that you'll have a four-year plan, but you should know which classes you might want to take as a first-year student (besides Humanities 110). It's also a good idea to tell your adviser which majors you are considering, whether or not you'd like to study abroad, and to share a little about your academic hopes and fears.

Keep in mind, many majors require that you get started in that department right away in order to graduate on time. You'll need to select classes (and labs, conferences, etc.) that don't conflict with each other. Not all courses are open to first-year students. Fortunately, there are several online resources to help you plan:

*The email with your advising information will go to your @reed.edu address, as will all of the official correspondence you'll receive during your years at Reed, including notes from faculty and staff. You can set up email forwarding if you prefer to check email under a different account, but be sure to read (and reply!) to the emails that go to your Reed address.

Transfer Students

Admitted transfer students receive an evaluation of transfer credit in their admission packet. The registrar's office prepares this evaluation, identifying which courses have transferred, which general college requirements have been met, and the general college requirements that remain to be completed.

When you arrive at Reed, you will receive an updated evaluation of transfer credit and the time and location for your first meeting with your adviser. Your adviser will have a copy of your updated transfer credit evaluation. Course descriptions and syllabi from your previous college(s) help professors gain a better sense of the depth and breadth of your completed course work. Please bring this information with you to your advising appointment.

Humanities Requirement for Transfer Students

At Reed, the one class that almost all students take is Humanities 110. As a transfer student, you may not need to take this year-long class if you have sophomore standing and some background in the humanities, but you are encouraged to take it if you have time in your schedule.

If you have questions about transfer credit, contact Ben Bradley, recorder, in the registrar's office, by calling 503/777-7295 or via email.

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