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2001-2002 Graduates
2000-2001 Graduates
1999-2000 Graduates

1998-1999 Graduates
1997-1998 Graduates
1996-1997 Graduates
1995-1996 Graduates
1994-1995 Graduates

Christina Aktipis Intertemporal Choice in Variable vs. Stable Environments: Evolutionary and Economic Perspectives
Alicia Armstead An examination of stereotype threat susceptibility in a sample of fourth grade African-American students
Matthew Bellet An Investigation of Ki: A collision of Spirituality and Science
Camilla Bolland When stereotypes lose their heuristic intent: Implications for the subtyping model and stereotype change
Amber Bradley Social Desirability Backlash Against Self-promoting Women: Role-Incongruity in Achievement Settings
Luke Chang Cheating and self-handicapping: An examination of the relationships between academic dishonesty, self-handicapping behaviors, motivational goals, self-esteem, and academic integrity
Jean Chung The Influence of Parenting Styles on Adolescent Academic Outcomes: A Cross-Cultural Study
Caroline Dombrowski Effects of Daytime Melatonin Injections on Circadian Water Consumption in Mice
Naomi Edelson Pride and Prejudice: The Relationship between Ethnic Identity, Perceived Discrimination and Academic Engagement among ESL Students
Matthew Harmon Challenging Assumptions about Alcohol: Creating a Holistic Model
Michael Harper The Utility of the Theory of Planned Behavior in Predicting Syringe-Sharing among Current Syringe-Exchange Clients
Deborah Hendersen Is Paper a Tool? Undermining an Assumption about Editing
Christine Herman Semantics Versus Syntax: Event-Related Potentials and the Role of Discourse in the On-Line Processing of Gender Stereotype Violations
Sarah Hoague The Interaction of Visual-Perceptual and Response Mechanisms During Selective Attention in Young Adults, Young-Old Adults and Old-Old Adults
Jennifer Knipling Psychological Discrepancies Between Urban and Natural Environments
Jessica Knowles A Behavioral Study of the Role of d-Opioid Sub-Type Receptors in Ethanol Reward
Alexandra Lesko Women and Stereotype Threat: An Examination of Performance, Self-Esteem and Coping Strtegies
Gabriel Lorton An investigation of the effects of phencyclidine on C57B1/6J mice in the place conditioning paradigm: (or how cattle guards ruined angel dust for mice)
Catherine Macchi The Minimization of Speech Errors: Automatic or Strategic? An Investigation Using the PRP Paradigm
Laura Mangels Resistance to Change of Operant Variability and Four Repetitive Sequences
Michelle Moyer Pollyanna Revisited: Do We Remember Equally the Good and the Bad?
Kristopher Pethtel A Taste Aversion Model of Acupuncture's Ability to Alleviate Nausea
Robert Pierson Monkey See, Monkey Do: Mimicry of Unconsciously Perceived Stereotypes
Ana Rivera Stress and Nature: The Physiological and Psychological Benefits of Plants
Melanie Schick The Effect of Bikram Yoga, Aerobics, and an Academic Conference on Random Generation
January Scott Why Don't You Participate?: Competence, Autonomy, and Relatedness in Humanities 110 Conferences at Reed College
Kevin Seals Algebraic vs. Probabilistic Preferences in a Study of the Asymmetrically Dominated Decoy Effect
Amy Seese-Bieda Conversations about Clinical Resources with Eleven Practitioners of Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Andrea Sommer Analysis of Attentional Mechanisms in Autistic Individuals
Nathaniel Unrath "I like what I get" is the same thing as "I get what I like"? Violations of Dominance and Duration Neglect in Choice
Evan Vickers Computational modeling of the active electrosensory system in a weakly electric fish, Gnathonemus petersii
Dana Waichunas An Exploration of the Interrelationships between Self-complexity and Differentiation of Self and their Respective Roles in the Relationship between Stress and Well-being

2000-2001 GRADUATES


Gretchen Bjornstad

The Impact of Bilingual Education Programs and Language Proficiency on Ethnic Identity and Selection of Friends

Rachel Blaser

Language and Music in the Brain: An ERP Study

Jesse B. Brown

One dyadic level of stereotyping, two interactants and three roles: The impact of targets' perception processes on the stereotypicality of impressions made by their perceivers

Vanessa Carlisle

Know Me and I'll Love You Back: Looking at the Marriage Shift in Same Sex Couples

Minden Catherine Collamore

Possible Mediation of Ethanol Consumption in Alcohol Preferring Rats by Neuropeptide Y-Y1 Receptors in the Basolateral Amygdala (BLA)

Deirdre Conroy

A Tough Nut to Crack: Idiom Interpretation by Non-native Speakers of English

Jessica Cooksey

Effects of Chronic Sertraline Exposure on the Serotonin Transporter: An In vivo Chronoamperometric Investigation in Adolescent Rats

Ellen Dalton

Stereotype Threat in the Classroom: Exploring the Effect of Academic Self-Esteem On Students' Abilities to Achieve

Matthew Donaldson

Attachment and Affect Intensity: Past Perceptions Present

Beth Susanne Fahnlander

Effects of a Brief Motivational Interview with Student Smokers at Reed College

Nikole Ferree

Contributions of the Ventral Tegmental Area to Ethanol's Effects on Spatial Memory

James Files

Let's Go Exploring! A Study of Group Categorization and Methods of Teamwork Enrichment in Fourth and Fifth Graders at Woodmere Elementary

Anastasia Flevaris

Defining the Origin of the Scene-Based Reference Frame

Jessica Folkman

An Analysis of the Mediating Role of Hardiness on the Relationship Between Stress and Illness

Sarah Galligan

The Alcohol Deprivation Effect: An animal model of craving?

John Garza

Engaging and maintaining an object-based frame of reference with an equilateral triangle and the simon effect

Michael Goard

Retrieval-Induced Forgetting in Episodic Eyewitness Memory

Christa Helms

Nicotine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference in DBA/2J Mice and the Effects of an AMPA Antagonist

Lindsay Kanter

An asana a day may keep the psychiatrist away: The impact of yoga on mental health

Laurel Kinney

An Analysis of the Effects of the Loss of a Parent on Attachment Style and Risk Behavior in College-Aged Individuals

Grace Lapsley

Increasing Adherence of Eating Disorder Aftercare Treatment

Jann McCaul

The Relationship of Cultural Assimilation and Family Language Brokering

Aaron Miller

Within Subject Effects of Naloxone (0.05 mg/kg) on Behavioral Variability: Reinforced and Non-Reinforced

Mark Miller

g-band Topography during Object and Spatial Working Memory

Dana Myers

The Effects of MK-801 on Inhibitory Avoidance Learning in Young and Old C57BL/6 Mice

Christopher Ross

Stimulus Control over Multidimensional Operant Variability

Erica Saint Lawrence

Learning to Vary and Discover: Reinforcement of Variability and Its Effect on Exploratory Behavior

Carie Shumway

An Investigation of the Functional Relationship Between Theory of Mind Central Coherence & Verbal Ability in Autistic and Normally-Developing Children

Heather Spencer

A brief motivational intervention to reduce problematic substance use among students at Reed College

Amy Swihart

The Effects of Gender and Ethnicity on the Relationship Between Parenting Behaviors and Adolescent Outcome in a High-Risk Sample

Simone Maya Weit

Matter and Mana: A Descriptive Study on the Nature of "Dualistic" Beliefs in Western Adults

Neal Young

Aging, and tasks of emotional memory known to involve the amygdala

Chia-Hua Yu

Effects of Clomipramine, a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor on Operant Variability

1999-2000 GRADUATES



Jane Holland Anthony

Discovering "Theory of Mind" Abilities in Children with Autism

Elizabeth Marie Arnesen

Reinforcement of Object Manipulation Increases Discovery

Nicole Erika Busto

Madness, Mayhem, and Membership: Gang Membership and Social Identity

Stephen Walter Calberg

An Attempt to Train Visual Memory

Seth Lee Duncan

The Relationship Between Controllability, Worry, and Fear in a Distressed and Non-Distressed Sample

AnneMarie Geary

Assessing Perceived Stressfulness of Life Events and Daily Hassles in Children

Sophia Saunders George-Glasser

The Impact of Oppression Workshops on the Perceptions of Everyday Life Experiences: The Teen Personal Rights Workshop

Elizabeth Lena Gooding

The Understanding of Stress and Coping Among Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

Jennifer Katherine McNew Hopkinson

Depression and Behavioral Variability

Jessica Lauren Huber

Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Alcohol Place Conditioning and Alcohol-Stimulated Locomotor Activity in Mice

Cara S. Laney

Emotion, Memory, and Attention: The Effects of Thematically Induced Emotional Arousal on Attention and Memory

Elizabeth Leilani Lee

The Effects of Two Noncompetitive NMDA Receptor Antagonists on the Expression of Morphine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference in DBA/2J Mice

Eunice S. Lee

Culture and Cognitive Representations: An Assessment of Self-complexity and Biculturalism in Asian Americans

Jessyka Grace Lighthall

Patterns of Attendance and Social Adjustment in Four- and Five-year-old Children in a High-Quality Center-Based Day Care

Christine Margaret Lillie

New Parents' Adult Attachment Styles and Perceptions of Parenting and Infant Temperament

Amanda Scott Macindoe

An Examination of How Level of Perceived Control and Implicit Theories of Intelligence Affect Likelihood to Self-Handicap

Jennifer Ariane Nonas

How Happy Will I Be If I Lose? The Effect of Sensation Seeking on the Self-Prediction of Emotional States

Nicole Helena Ricca

Forms of Auditory Imagery

Kimberly Anne Robinson

Distraction and Stereotype Maintenance: The Effect of Cognitive Load Upon Subtyping and Situational Attribution for Deviant Behavior

Colleen Nicole Roots

A Spoonful of Fishfood Helps the Repetition Go Down: Reinforcing Variability in Betta splendens

Kristine Marie Sawicki

The Effects of Ethanol on Dopamine Levels in the Nucleus Accumbens of C57 and DBA Mouse Strains Using Voltametric Techniques

Lauren Mackenzie Schmidt

Desired and Experienced Control in Childbirth as Related to Provider, Staisfaction, and Postpartum Depression

Leo Jaelyong Sun

Thujone and the Absinthe-Minded French: A Holistic View of the Absinthe Epidemic and the Investigation of Thujone Using the Place Conditioning Paradigm

Julia Ann Tafea

Nicotine Craving: The Role of Conditioned Cues on Heart Rate and Mood

Shannon Morse Tubridy

Scene-Based Frames of Reference and Viewpoint-Dependent Object Recognition

Elizabeth Alice Ware

The Role of Eye Movements in the Formation of Spatial Representations

Anne Elizabeth Yerkes

Does Variability Training Transfer?

Gregory Douglas York

Return to Baseline: A Look at the Process of Forgiveness from the Communal and Exchange Framework

Katharine Ruth Zacher

Gender Differences in the Link Between Spousal Support, Extra-marital Support, and Marital Satisfaction

1998-1999 GRADUATES



Gena Marie Anderson

Start Making a Reader Today: The Effects of a Storybook Reading Program on Young Children's Reading Attitudes and Behavior

Ingrid Marie Asmundson

Self-Enhancers' Use of Protective Strategies in Evaluative Situations: Implications for Performance, Self-Esteem, and the Adaptiveness of Overly Positive Self-Evaluation

In Seong Bae

The Effect of Restrain Stress or Reinstatement of Ethanol-Seeking Behavior

Evan Wolcott Barbour

Play as the Interaction of Variable Inputs and Variable Outputs

Jonathan Miles Barton

An Evolutionary Perspective on the Cognitive Origins of Homo Religiosus

Sarah Brown-Schmidt

Who do You Love, Your Mother or Your Horse? Tone Processing in Mandarin Chinese: An Event-Related Brain Potential Analysis

Michael Nathan Burdick

The Effect of Prototyping on Anticipation, Interpretation, and Enjoyment of Music

Caroline Sigrid Byfield

Boys on One Side, Girls on the Other: Gender Separation in Middle Childhood

Erica Celeste Carlisle

Using Variability Training to Improve Insight Problem Solving

Elona Mae Casady

Further Evidence for a Two-Stage Sequential Model of Spoken Word Retrieval

Renaud des Rosiers

Searching For the Cause of Memory Narrowing

Tiara Martessa Dillworth

The Effects of Positively Evaluating a Member of a Stereotyped Group on Personal Self-Esteem

Eleanor Jean Diver

Endogenous and Exogenous Visual Spatial Attention in Dyslexia

Sara Joanne Fisher

The Affect of Individual Difference on Imagination for Actions and Susceptibility to Illusory Memories

Jamee Han Foster

Stereotype Change in Diverse Populations: An Examination of Longevity and Potential Predictors

Michele Kazuko Fukawa

"So, are you a biology major?": The Effects of Minority/Majority Status on Stereotyping Tendencies

Christopher Steven Fulton

The Hierarchical Structure of Environmental Frames of Reference

Alicia Jan Grunow

Learning to Vary and Varying to Learn: Sources of Behavioral Variability and Applications for Learning

John Moore Hutchison

The Effects of Expressive Writing on the Thesis Related Distress

Maura Su King

Cats, Swans and Loch Ness Monsters: An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Spatial Attention in Object Recognition and the Implications for the Perception of Motion Pictures

Nicholas Benjamin Miner

You Can't Reverse What Does Not Exist: Difficulties in Counteracting the Verbal Overshadowing Effect

Sean Michael Montgomery

The Role of Attention in Determining the Origin of the Scene-based Reference Frame

Alicia Catherine Moore

The Associations Between Adherence and Distributive Justice Norms, Psychological Distress, and perceived Fairness Among Married Couples

Kristen Edith Naylor

Social Comparison, Socialization, and Perceived Fairness of the Gendered Division of Household Labor

Matthew Olufs

The Ontogeny of Handling-Induced Convulsions in Withdrawal Seizure Prone and Withdrawal Seizure Resistant Mice

Julia Elizabeth Perry

Acupuncture and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in the Treatment of Opiate Addiction

Renee Beth Ridberg

The Effects of Attending a Historically Black College on Stereotype Threat

Bianca Rose Salerno

Correspondence Bias and the Desire for Control

Margarita Aurora Seldera

Bicultural Competence: Links with Social Support and Social Network Diversity

Nima Shokat

The Logic of Discovery: Studies of Hypothesis Testing Strategies in the Wason Selection Task

Moira Katharine Tofanelli

Who Wants to be a Cake Maker When They Grow Up? Gender and Race Stereotype Development, and their Influence on Memory

Terence Kin-Kay Tso

Generational Differences in Depression Among Asian Americans: an Assessment of the Relationship between Cultural Attitudes and Depression

Laura Elizabeth Tull

Stress-Induced Aggression in a Mouse Model of Fetal Alcohol Exposure

Maija Paulina Wells

Teaching an Old Rat New Tricks: The effects of age on behavioral variability

Lane Hardy Wesselmann

Of Ducks and Rabbits and the Limits of Imagination: Exploring the Boundary on Learning from Imagery

Jeremy Luke West

An Ethnomedical Approach to Ritual Healing Techniques: The Effects of Hatha Yoga and African Dance on Perceived Stress, Affect, Salivary Immunoglobin A, and Salivary Cortisol

Christy DeLynn Womble

The Effects of Media Exposure on Body Satisfaction in College Women: A Case of Black and White?

1997-1998 GRADUATES



Jesus Alvarez

Latino Parents in Public High Schools: Involvement Attitudes and Practices

Alison Lynn Atkins

The Role of Serotonin in the Hedonically Positive Effects of Ethanol in Inbred Mouse Strains

Dorina Victoria Boelter

Influence of Delay on Verbal Overshadowing

David Clarence Burt

On the Ambiguity of Auditory Imagery

Jessica Dean Casey

Children's Perceptions of their Mentally Disabled Peers

Yoonhui Choe

The costs of a predictable switch between cognitive tasks in older adults

James Earl Davis

An Investigation of Visual Biases in the Four Location Letter Reflection Task

Jesse Bagshaw Gay


Kari Kathleen Griggs

Through the Eyes of a Child: Boys' and Girls' Peer Perceptions of Social and Physical Approaches to Being Nice and Being Mean

Bryan Daniel Grossman

Subjective Ethical Position and External Locus of Control Indicators of Alienated Worldview: A Study of Homeless Youth

Julianna Johnson

Can Positive Reinforcement be Detrimental to Behavior?: The Effect of Differential Reinforcement of High (DRH) and Low (DRL) Responding as a Function of FR Position.

Adam Chase Kahn

Empowering Stigmatized Individuals: Altering the Negative Effects of Rejection for Heavy Weight Women

Constantine Savely Kipnis

The Effect of Scopolamine and Physostigmine on Operant Variability and Working Memory

Julia Jane Lightell

The Effects of a Holistic Processing Cue on Verbal Overshadowing

Amberlyn Celeste Mathis

Trees, Turtles, and T-shirts: Sensitivity to Social Categorization in the Pre-Primary and Elementary Montessori Students

Hillary Jean Melton

Testing Self-Verification: The Search for Motivated Negativity Striving in a Non-Clinical Population

Brianna Siobhan Q. Murphy

Effects of Creative Activities on Self-Expression, Self-Awareness, Personal Growth, and Daily Life Activities

Eva Rebecca Palmer

Switching Languages: An Event-Related Brain Potentials Study of Early and Late Spanish-English Bilinguals

Laura Lee Ross

Pharmacological alteration of brain cholinergic activity in non-smoking humans: Nicotine's effects on visual spatial attention

Johannes Cornelius Schouten

Effects of Medullary Off-Cell Inhibition or Excitation on Spinal Fos-Like Immunoreactivity to Nociceptive Stimulation in the Rat

David Andrew Sears

The Effects of a Cooperative-Learning After-School Class on Fourth and Fifth Grade Students' Academic Achievement and Intrinsic Motivation

Erica Rose Sherer

Probability Overestimation through Imagination: Support for the Role of Selective Hypothesis Testing in Lottery Play

Christopher Jason Wolf

The Effect of Key Context On The Musical Novice's Ability To Identify "Special" Tonal Relationships

1996-1997 GRADUATES



Carolyn Virginia Abaunza

Attempts to fall out of the world by building castles in the air: The relationship between fantasy-proneness, anger, and life satisfaction

Stephanie Lynn Banka

Still I Rise: An Examination of Self-Concept at The Council for Prostitution Alternatives

Adam Benjamin Buchwald

"Imagine That!": The Creation of Fictional Memories for Unperformed Actions

Jason L. Burns

Training Changing Triangles: A new paradigm for examining behavioral variability in multiple dimensions

Rebecca Dawn Epling

Variation in the Behavior of Captive Japanese Macaque Females Exhibiting Different Maternal Styles

Jonathan Saul Feldman

Laughter as Communication: Honest and False Signaling in Interpersonal Interactions

Joseph Graham Files

The Effects of Team Sports Participation on the Global Self-Worth and Mood State of Young Athletes

Molly Claire Franks

Women and Abusive Relationships: The Effect of Residence in a Domestic Violence Shelter on Denial of Personal Discrimination

Kristina Diane Hiatt

The Addition of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to an Existing, Acupuncture-Based Heroin Detoxification Program

John Warren Hopson

Within-Operant Dynamics

Kimberly Diane Kubick

The Nicaraguan Revolution and Its Effects on the Identity Formation of Women Participants

David Elowyn Lowe

Mice With a Targeted Null Mutation of the Dopamine D4 Receptor Consume Less Ethanol and Display an Attenuated Response to Novelty

Bayta Louise Maring

The Development of Theory of Mind After Middle Childhood

Catherine McClellan

Popularity in Childhood: Characteristics of Popular and Regular Status Children

Neal Douglas Miller

Autism and Reinforced Variability

Cynthia Ann Moreno

The Lexical Influences in Parsing Sentences with Long-Distance Dependencies: An Event-Related Brain Potential Analysis

Julie Ann Paquette

Children's Experiences of Peer Victimization: Gender Differences in Accounts of Social and Physical Aggression

Robert Thorton Prichard

Is drawing in the air really so silly or not? An investigation of motoric support in spatial imagery.

Lisette Carolina Rivas

Biculturalism: Living Within, Between, or Outside Two Cultures

Elisabeth Schwartzreich

Individual Differences in Perception: The Relationship Between Inattentional Blindness and Spearman's g

Andrew David Stietzel

Motivational Decrement Caused by Intrinsic Rewards

1995-1996 GRADUATES



Sven Kenyon Bonnichsen

Adult Supremacism: Child Abuse Viewed Through an Oppression Framework

Charles F. Cannon

Exogenous and Endogenous Visual Spatial Attention: Cue Attributes and Task Demands

Bambi Chavez

Remembering Big Bird: Is There a Relationship Between Memory and Metamemory in Preschool Children?

Aleksandra Donnelly

The Detrimental Effects of Intrinsic Rewards

Julia Margaret Harrison

The Effects of Parental Social Support Networks on Children's Social Support and Peer Acceptance

Robin Malia Jinks

Variation in Courtship Vocalizations of the Domestic Pigeon Columbia livia domestica

Chantrelle Anne Johanson

To Walk Freely At Night The Psychological Impact of Women's Self-Defense Training

Nathan Hankey Kornell

The role of key in the perception of musical intervals

Geoffrey Woodward Lane

Recovery From Early and Late Brain Injury: Two Case-Studies

Melinda Kate Macpherson

The Effect of Extremity and Group Membership on Stereotype Change

Alyssa Simone Monnie

Are Girls Being Overlooked? An Investigation of Special Education Pupil Referral

Daniel Josiah Morgan

Linguistic control of visual attention: an Evaluation of the Conceptual Cueing Theory.

Jennifer Erin Mosley

Peer Social Status and Biases in Preadolescents Self-Perceptions of Social Competence with Peers

Renée Nuñez

An Experimental Thesis Exploring Mental Imagery Tasks

Reetpaul Singh Rana

Freedom and Constraint in Artistic Creation: An Empirical Investigation of Creative Thinking in the Visual Arts

S. Françoise Raunet

Like Parent Like Child? Children's Self-Perceptions and Resilience as a Function of Their Awareness and Understanding of Parental Mental Illness

Alyssa Elin Schockner

A Comparison of the Effects of Ballet and Modern Dance on Self-Concept, Body-Image, and Mood

Tirza Elana Shulman

Self-Monitoring and Advertising Preference: Effectiveness of Advertisements that Manipulate Self-Esteem

Vanessa Anne Usui

On the Limits of Purity: Subvocalization and Auditory Imagery

Andrea Coryn Vickrey

Developing a New Animal Model for Studying Omega-3 Fatty Deficiency: Pigeons and a Choice Reaction Time Paradigm

Lori Watts

Children's Perceptions of Peers' Hurtful Behaviors and Their Strategies for Intervention

Tomihisa Frazer Welsh

Anticipation of an Aversive Event: The Effects of Punishment on Heart Rate and Learning

Kim Ilene Wine

Depression in Adolescence: The Link With Self-Esteem and Body Image

Bridey Elizabeth Wrightman

Self-Perceptions of Children Who Have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Are Taking Medication

1994-1995 GRADUATES



David Askary-Tourzan

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Self-Relaxation Training

Rosemary Byrd Burnette

The Effects of Aging on Spatial Memory and Variable Behavior In the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat

Hannah Virginia Campbell

The Effects of Thematically-Induced Emotional Arousal on Memory for Detail

Colin Stuart Kagel Cherot

Primary and Secondary Reinforcement of Complex Variable and Stereotypic Sequential Operants

Christopher Paul Deiss

On the Nature of Operant Variability: Evaluating Dual-Task Interference Between Schedules of Variability and Repetition

Justin Samuel Denney

Stimulus Control of Behavioral Variability

Michelle Dunn

An investigation into the personal and collective content of directed fantasy in college students

Lisa Helene Fagan

Pathological Symptoms of Sexual Abuse as a Function of the Relationship Between Abuser and Victim and the Sex of Abuser

Padma Fischer-Olmsted

Social Cognition in Incarcerated Offenders and an Evaluation of the Pathfinders Rehabilitation Program in Oregon Prisons

Laurie Marie Jacobs

Self-Esteem and Anger Expression

Peter Allan Jacobson

Attitudes toward Gay and Lesbian Parents

Tamara Rose Karnos

The Appeal of Psychological Self-Help Books

Lisa Rae Katleman

Mind Over Matter: The Effects of School-Age Pregnancy and Parenting on Girls' Body Image and Self-Concept

Kristin Anne Kirlin

The Effects of Homelessness on the Psychological Adjustment of Adolescents

Zeke Koch

There's More Than Meets the Eye: The Effects of Task Relevance on Spatial Imagery

Brooke Lehman

A Search for Electrophysiological Evidence of Reiki Energy Channeling

Elizabeth Anne Linke

Priming Effects of Stereotypic Subtypes of Women

Eve Alexandra Lyons

"So, is it true what they say about Black men?": The Influence of Racial Stereotypes in Rape Trials

Courtney Wylie Nash

The Lateralized Readiness Potential as an Index of Response Competition in the Interaction Between Pitch and Brightness

Sativa Aubrey Saposnek

After the Ballet: The Effects of Career Transition on Sense of Identity, Self-Concept, and Body Image

Robin Nelson Scher

The China Syndrome: A Search For An Implicit-Memory Explanation For The Mere-Exposure Effect

Helen Rachel Thouless

Aggression: Inside or Outside?

Zachary Damon Vestal

In One Ear, Out the Other?: Is there a postevent misinformation effect in the domain of voice memory?

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