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2001-2002 Graduates
2000-2001 Graduates
1999-2000 Graduates

1998-1999 Graduates
1997-1998 Graduates
1996-1997 Graduates
1995-1996 Graduates
1994-1995 Graduates

Tyson Aflalo Conscious Inference: An Approach to Feynman's (not so) Famous Challenge
Nicholas Blount Radiation from Accelerating Superluminal Charge Distributions
Matthew Buchanan An Object of Balance
Patrick Clunis The Quantum Triangular Barbershop: Applying the Methods of Feynman to the Wedge Potential
Andrew DeMond The Physics of Bacterial Motitlity: Computer Modelling of Signal Transduction Networks
Ryan Gaffney  
Rudy Gilmore Quintessence and Cosmological Dynamics
Camas Goble A Study of RR Lyrae Variable Stars
Kirsten Hacker Local Fields of Random Metal-Dielectric Films
Harold Haggard Conservation, Symmetry and Noether
Emily Johnson The Solar-Terrestrial Radio Dance
Hayden McGuinness Aspects of Microtubule Lattice Dynamics
Jeffrey Meier Approximation Techniques for the Analysis of Quantum Mechanical Systems
Dustin Moore Computed Neutron Tomography
Daniel Muldrew (Math/Physics) Quantum Computation: A Study of Quantum Algorithms
Kater Murch The Classical Dynamics of Hoses
Nicholas Nussbaum Searching for Polymorphism in Phosphorothioate DNA
Michael Perry (Math/Physics) The Negative Hydrogen Ion in Quantum Mechanics
Andrew Skillman Normal Mode Analysis of the Clathrin Cage and Other Semi-Rigid Systems

2000-2001 GRADUATES



Arturo Alarcon

Pattern formation on the surface of a ferrofluid

Dietrich Dehlinger

Entangled Photon Detection

Jacob Fenton

The Crying of LIGO-Hanford: Correlated Noise in the Washington Desert

Jonathan Lee Fertig

A Photometric Period Analysis of the Population II d Scuti - SX Phe Variable Stars XX Cygni and DY Pegasi

Kevin Fortier

Quantization of Conductance in Nanowires

Keisuke Hasegawa

The Riccati Equation and its Applications in Physics

Sean Holman

The Acoustic Casimir Effect

Catherine Klebl

The Interaction of Light and Ultrasound

David Kramer

Laser Noise Induced Rubidium Spectroscopy

David Lai

Estimating Hubble's constant and the Age of the Universe

Benjamin Lillie

CP Violation

Jason Martinez

Classical and Quantum Features of a Localized Wave Packet in a Coulombic Potential

Laura Morrill

The Quartic Potential and the Quantum Zeta Function

Dante Nakazawa

Placing Tidal Constraints on the Masses of Extrasolar Planets

Lawrence Price

Bargmann-Wigner and Rarita-Schwinger: A Study of the Bargmann-Wigner Formalism and its Application to Spin 3/2

Ryan Richter (Math/Physics)

Robust Chaos and Random Number Generation

Stephen Schuh

Fingerprint Recognition Using Holography: A Project In Optical Computing

Jana Smith

The Reed College Atom Trap: A Magneto-Optical Trap for Rubidium

Toban Antal Szuts

The Electron-Hole Liquid in Silicon

Alexander Paul Tornow

A Look at Snell's Law Using Feynman's Path-Integral Formalism

1999-2000 GRADUATES



Alexander Y. Avanesov

Temperature-Dependent Phase Transitions of Egg Phosphatidylcholine, Observed Via Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Jessica Grace Brannigan

Boundary Conditions and Coarsening in Aqueous Foam Drainage

Laura J. Cox

Size Distribution of Fragmented Mercury Droplets

Joshua Franz Einsle

A Mechanical Analog to Phase Transitions Using the Landau Theory

Amaria Sandis George

Fluid-like Properties of Granular Materials: Drag Force Measurements

Jonah Nathan Gollub

Radiation from Superluminally Moving Sources

Adam Fraser Halverson

The Inverse Scattering Transform and the Korteweg-de Vries Equation

Elan Everts Dai Ming Ho

Radiative Forces for Two Body Systems: Mechanical Analogies to the Casimir Effect

Sean Marcus Kellogg

History, Theory, and Design of the Reed Magneto-Optical Trap

Jan Kristian Larsen

The Quantum-Mechanical Adiabatic Theorem

Katherine Crystal Martin

Optical Tweezers: Theory, Application, and Construction

Emilia Sue Olson

Time Resolved Imaging of Caveolae at the Cell Surface Using Evanescent Wave Microscopy and a FRET Based Technique

Walter William Reisner

Laser Light Scattering from Thermally Excited Capillary Waves: Experimental Investigation and Review of Fundamental Theory

Matthew David Shaw

Stochastic Multiresonance

Michael Raymond Solontoi

Observation and Orbital Determination of Near-Earth Asteroid 1627 Ivar

Daniel Uvanovic

How Would Change Distribute Inside a Conductor if Coulomb's Law Were Not Inverse-Square?

Johanna Andrea Zaid van Giffen

Computer-Generated Holography

1998-1999 GRADUATES



Frederic Nathan Bahnson

Magneto-Optical Traps for Neutral Atoms; Theory and Application

Kevin Scott Dilley

Nanometer-Scale Surface Modifications Using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Benjamin Sewell Jaffe

3/2 Columbia

Jeremy Lucas Kasper

Two Force CentersL The Quantum Mechanics of the Singly-Ionized Hydrogen Molecule

Victor Anthony Kumar

Issues of Consteraint in Quantum Mechanics

Joseph Mark Lebow

1/f-like Noise: Granual Particle Flow in a Vertical Pipe

Michael Shane Noel

3/2 Columbia

Aric Jedediah Stasch

Flutter and Tumble: Dynamics of Falling Rods in Two-Dimensional Fluid Environment

Benjamin Michael Thoma

Secure Communication via Synchronized Lorenz Systems

Zoe Damiana VanHoover

Observation of Hydration Effects in Membrane Constituents via FTIR Spectroscopy

1997-1998 GRADUATES



Jonathan Austin Adams

Neutrino Oscillations in Dense Media

John William Bannister

Approaching Reversibility in a Thermal Engine

Patricia Hope Bennett

The Silicon Exciton

Ian Robert Coddington

Construction of a Magneto-Optical Trap for Rubidium

Alona Jean Davis

Raman Sprectroscopic Studies of Normal Mode Vibrations in Streched Fiber and Rupprecht Film Samples of DNA

Jonathan Robert Dodson

Near Resonant Control and Synchronization of Chua's Circuit

Brian Doner Halbert

Gamma Induced Radiation Damage in DNA Using FTIR Spectroscopy

Sasha Hinkley

Charged Particle Motion in the Fields of Magnetic Monopoles and Dipoles

William Joseph Holloway

Fabrication of Characterization of Thin Film Copper indium Diselenide

Leslie Linnea Johnsson

The Catastrophic and Chaotic Behavior of the Zeeman Catastrophe Machine

Renee-Louise Dineo Latiolais

Examination of the Surface of Io as a Conductor of the Flux Tube Current Using Decametric Emissions of Sources A, B, and C, the Wobbling Flux Tube and Global Mosaics of the Surface of Io

Emily Patrice McDaniel

Magnetic Levitation With Permanent Magnets: The Levitron

Wayland Jonathan Oong

3/2 program with Columbia

Richard Michael Rezinas

Raman spectroscopy of deoxyribonucleic acids

Peter Merrell Schuh

Turbulent Convection in Stars: An Examination of Mixing Length Theory and its Variations

Stephen Patrick Walborn

Time-independent Perturbation Theory in Quantum Mechanics

1996-1997 GRADUATES



Amir Ghasem Alagheband

3/2 Caltech

Matthew David Curcio

Study of the Wave Equation and Applications to Minimization Problems

Jay Britton Ewing

Microwave Transmission Measurements of the Triangular Lattice Photonic Bandgap Structure

Joel Stephen Franklin

Integrating Factors in Classical Mechanics

Clay M. Kasow

Phase Control of Chaos in Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators

Christopher Scott Melhus

Self-Shielding Effects of Medical Radioisotopes

David Maurice Moore

Enhancements to N-body Algorithms

Brendan Francis Murphy

Zeeman Quantum Beats in Fluorescence of Atomic Rb

Teresa Oñate Napili

Laser Cooling and Atom Trapping: A Magneto-Optical Trap for Rubidium

Derek Scott Owen

Minimum Uncertainty Spin States

Miranda Margaret Pearce

Fragment Size Distribution of Shattered Objects

Valerie Julia Risk

3/2 program with Columbia

Benaiah Divoky Schrag

Photoelectron Spectroscopy inside a Photomultiplier Tube

Byron Denny Smiley

Spectroscopic Investigation of Single Bubble Sonoluminescence

Emile David Snyder

Oscillon Hunting on a Shoestring

Mark Clemens Sorensen

3/2 Caltech

Owen Peter Vajk

Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Thin Film Cobalt-Palladium Alloys

David Andrew VanNewkirk

Countersteering or The Art of Turning the Wrong Way

1995-1996 GRADUATES



Ayesha Ahmad

The Effect of Side-Walls on the Pattern Formation in Surface-Tension Driven Bènard Convection

Erin Marie Anthony

Modeling the Hyperfine Energy

Forest Grady Atkinson

Diode Laser Stabilization

David Andrew Copeland

An Estimate of the Stability of a Molecular Cloud

Arin Paul Epstein

3/2 program with Columbia

Baylor Tarrant Fox

Clunk versus Twang: Collisions of Spheres, Cylinders, and Models with Internal Degrees of Freedom

Katherine Gray Henson

Stochastic Resonance in Two Monostable Systems

Joon-Tae Kim

3/2 with Columbia

Matthew Benjamin Kleban

Covariant Electrodynamics and the Wilson and Wilson Experiment

Katharine Karla Reeves

An Exploration of the Structure of Phosphorothioate DNA Using FTIR Spectroscopy

Eli Snyder

EulerŒs Problem: the Problem of Two Centers

1994-1995 GRADUATES



Ali Alagheband

3/2 program: California Institute of Technology

Zafaryab Ali Khan

3/2 program: California Institute of Technology

Jefferson Osborn Crowder

A Study of Variable Stars with Light and Temperature Curves of the Star Polaris

Alvin Julian Daniel

3/2 program - CALTECH

Jeremy James Faludi

The Sound of Science: building an active sound cancellation device

Andrew Christopher Funk

Sub Shot Noise Light from High Efficiency Semi-Conductor Emitters

Jason Darold Gayton

Thermal Conductivity of Binary Gas Mixtures

J. Kristopher Quill Hyde

3/2 program R.P.I.

Noah Iliinsky

Electron-Hole Pair Recombination Rates in an Irradiated Silicon Semiconductor

Kevin Paul Kraft

3/2 Program CALT

Bertrand Michael Laubsch

Synchrony in Conservative, Coupled Oscillators

Skye M. Malcolm

3/2 Program RPI

Benjamin Stephen Palmer

Photoluminescence Studies of Silicon Clusters

Darrell Frank Schroeter

Electron Relaxation in a Quantum Dot by Defect-Assisted Tunneling

Aaron Philip Weber

3/2 program Columbia

Eric Lee Woods

3/2 program RPI

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