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Appendix E

Survey for students in contact with the student mentors

This past year, the Reed Psychology Department has been involved in a student mentoring program sponsored by the National Science Foundation . In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this program, we are interested in knowing what Psychology students think. Please answer the following questions and return the survey to the marked box located in the Psychology secretary's office.

To thank you for your participation, we are asking for your box number in order to mail you a treat when you turn this in this completed survey.

Thank you!

Gena Anderson

Professor Carol Creedon

1) Your Campus Box # __________________

Note: The following students served as mentors in the Psychology Department this past year: Leilani Lee, Jessee Brown, Rachel Blasser, Christine Lillie, Dana Myers, Kristine Sawicki, Shannon Tubridy, and Neal Young.

2) About how often did you interact with any of the Psychology student mentors?
____ Once or twice a week
____ Once or twice a month
____ Once or twice a semester
____ Rarely or never

3) What did your interactions with the mentors consist of primarily? (Please check all that apply)
____ one-on-one tutoring regarding course content
____ group tutoring regarding course content
____ help or consultation about labs
____ one-on-one or group consultation regarding design and implementation of research projects
____ help at any stage of writing a paper (choosing a topic, researching, editing, revising, etc.)
____ general questions regarding the Psychology Dept., classes I should take, grad schools, etc.
____ other (please explain):

4) Which of these interactions were the most helpful for you? Please explain.

5) Which of these interactions were the least helpful for you? Please explain.

6) How might the Psychology Department mentoring program be improved?

7) Overall, how helpful were the student mentors in the Psychology Department?
1     2     3     4     5
Not very helpful        VERY helpful

8) Is there anything else you would like to say about the program?


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Appendix E: Survey for students in contact with the student mentors
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