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HeadsetTo disseminate the knowledge gained from examining the integration of research and education in the Reed science curriculum, this web site aims to be a resource on the relationship between teaching and research in the sciences. Descriptive and evaluative program information can be found in the Science-at-Reed reviews. These Web pages will also present audio and video interviews with faculty and students discussing the ways in which collaborative research activities are pursued. This includes both the NSF-AIRE Undergraduate Research Mentor program and the senior thesis experience at Reed.

The second component of Reed's outreach program will be to offer onsite consultations by Reed to other institutions. Over the years, Reed has often been asked — and has readily agreed — to advise institutions that are committed to enhancing the integration of research and teaching in their programs. In most cases, these were regional institutions that sent several faculty members and administrators to Reed to talk with faculty and administration. We believe that offering onsite consultations would be even more effective. In addition, with the completion of new chemistry and psychology buildings six years ago, Reed faculty members involved in the design of these buildings are valuable facilities consultants.

Reed also plans to participate in a national conference of science faculty from the AIRE institutions. A conference would allow participants to exchange information about best practices, to present problems and challenges for discussion and suggestions, and to organize into consulting teams. Teams consisting of faculty from the various AIRE award recipients would present an institution with several different successful models of the integration of research and teaching.

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