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2001-2002 Graduates
2000-2001 Graduates
1999-2000 Graduates

1998-1999 Graduates
1997-1998 Graduates
1996-1997 Graduates
1995-1996 Graduates
1994-1995 Graduates

Cheyenne Brindle Progress Toward an Efficient Synthesis of the Germacrane Ring Skeleton
Mike Campbell Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships for LSD Derivatives at the 5-HT1A and 5-HT2A Receptors
Matthew Dowling Several dissolving metal reductions of the 2-Aminobiphenyl nucleus and related derivatives
Thomas Ford Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places: Attempted Isolation of an Intermediate Sodium Titanate
Amanda Greene 3/2 Program
Kristina Lestik Hunting the Wily Reduced Layered Perovskite: A Hunter's Memoir
Martin Mulvihill Synthesis and Structural Properties of Niobium Oxides Made in Molten Salt Fluxes
Sterling Paramore Identifying the d-d Transition in Chromium Hexacarbonyl Using Resonance Raman Spectroscopy

2000-2001 GRADUATES



Risha Bond

Further Kinetic Studies of Mutant Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Orotate Phosphoribosyltransferase

Rebecca LaLonde

Weak C-H***O Hydrogen Bonding and the Ongoing Synthesis of cis-3- (Dicyanomethyl) thiacyclohexane-1-oxide

Joshua McClellan (Chem/Physics)

The Theory of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Jeff Neria

Quantum Ranching: Dem electrons git real rowdy when I get 'em all coralled up

Christopher Rogge

Synthesis of Nickel Sulfide Nanorods in Reverse Micelle Templates

Laura Schacherer

Birch Reductive Alkylation as a Route to the Quassinoid Carbon Skeleton

Brian Searle

Glycerol based nucleoside analogs: the synthesis of 3- (alkoxymethyl)pyrimidines and their implications for the prebiotic world

Stephen Valdez

Progress Towards the Phosphoramide Catalyzed Asymmetric Reduction of a-Imino Acid Derivaties Using Trichlorosilane

Eric Weis

Clash of the Titanates: A Study of Ion-Exchange Reactions in Alkali Metal Titanium Oxides

1999-2000 GRADUATES



Brian Michael Austin

A Study of the 246 nm Multiphoton Dissociation of Chromium Hexacarbonyl and Related n-Alkyl Chromium Tricarbonyls

Katherine Alice Brown

The Attempted Synthesis of cis-3-dicyanomethylthiacyclohexane S-oxide and its Place in the Study of C-H...O Hydrogen Bonds

Evan Wayne Foster

Blow'd Up: The Multiphoton Dissociation of Chromium Hexacarbonyl and Derivatives

Gina Nicole Hennen

Investigation of the Copper Metal/Silicon Nitride Thin Film System in Search of Differences in Interfacial Chemistry as a Function of Processing Methodology Via Polarization Modulation Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (PMIRRAS)

Christina Elizabeth Inman

I Fought the Laser and the Laser Won: Resonance Raman Studies of Hexaammine Cobalt (III) and Chromium Hexacarbonyl

Laurence Aude Kahn

Cloning of GTP Cyclohydrolase, fol E, and Dihydroneopterin Aldolase, fol B, in Escherichia coli

Derek Eugen Lyons

In Search of the Elusive Moosey Creature: Progress Towards the Solid Phase Total Synthesis of EDAtracin

Takashi Nakai

A Study Towards Enantioselective Synthesis of a-Amino Acid Derivatives via Reductive Animation

Joshua Teal Schmidt

An Analysis of Previous Attempts to Compute Solvation Free Energy of DNA, the Crystallization of d (GGUAUACC), and the Development of an Influence Code: Laying the Groundwork for Future Studies on the Conformational Effects of the Thymine Methyl Group

Joshua Charles Vaughan

Baby You Can Drive My CARS: Constructing of Instrumentation for Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Spectroscopy

1998-1999 GRADUATES



Jeanette Marie Blaine

Variations on the Wheel: Towards the Synthesis of a Reduced Titanium Layered Perovskite

David Linnaeus Gibbs

An Examination of Several VO(salen) Derivatives by Cyclic Voltammetry

Allison Ann Henry

The Solid Phase Total Synthesis of EDAtracin

John Deward Howa

Towards Synthesis of an Arabinoadenosine Phosphoramidite For Construction of an Oligonucleotide Analogue

Jordan Emanuel Katz

The Enigma at 1300 Wavenumbers: Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Chromium Hexacarbonyl

Elizabeth Rose Leps

Pickled Perovskites: Synthesizing Mixed-Valent Niobium Layered Perovskit in a Molten Salt Flux

Lien Thuy Ngo

An Investigation of the Reduced Titanates NaTi2O4 and CaTi2O4

Prahlad A. Reddy

Reductive Alkylation of Biphenyl and Phenanthrene Derivative as a Route to Synthetic Morphine

Amrita Kaur Sahota

Kinetic Studies of the D130A Mutant of Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Orotate Phosphoribosyltransferase

Chantal Karina Sudbrack

3/2 @ Columbia

1997-1998 GRADUATES



Kym Aaran Buchanan

DNRI: A Useful MPI Phenomenon

Ted Glenn Laderas

Resonance-Raman Spectroscopy, Chromium Hexacarbonyl, and Me: A Tale of Intrigue

Meredith Rae Miller

Attempted Synthesis of a Semisynthetic Derivative of the Antibiotic, Bacitracin A

Aaron Adrian Rugg

Fast Times at Reed College

Robert Jacob Holiday

CPHY Multiphoton Dissociation of Chromium Carbonyl Complexes Using a 266 nm Dissociation Wavelength

1996-1997 GRADUATES



Jesse B. Davis

Vibronic Coupling and Ultraviolet Resonance-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Cr(CO)6

Jay Judson Farmer

A Route to the Mitomycin Ring Structure Via a Novel Intramolecular Ene Reaction

Soya Jude Gamsey

Synthesis of Potential Inhibitors of FAH Using Transition State Analogs

Christopher Sean Ghormley

Radiopharmaceutical Adsorption, EDTA Concentration, and Paper Chromatography

Jenny H. Hamilton

Effects of Acidification on Lanthanum Mobility in Soils of the Pacific Northwest

Yi-Ming Jimmy Huang

The Cloning and the Overexpression of the E. coli QueA

Bradley Stephen Johnson

Studies in Radical Cation Catalysis

Brian Kirschenmann

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship for Quinoxalinedione Derivatives

Martin Robert Leivers

Attempted Synthesis of Fluoroalkyl-Acetylacetone

Leo Spitz Macdonald

Synthesis of Novel Layered Perovskite Acids by Traditional Routes

Liam Dagme Noailles

Cooking with Salt to Make Pepper: Novel Syntheses of Reduced Titanium Oxides

Kevin Michael Peese

Synthetic Strategies for the Synthesis of bis(Cyclopentadienyl)methane Complexes of the Group Six Transition Metals (Cr, Mo, W)

Matthew Park Rogge

The Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of CaT12O4

Dionicio Rhodes Siegel

The Syntheses of 3-Fluoro-3-deoxy-L-arabinose, 4-Fluoro-4-deoxy-L-arabinose, 3-Deoxy-L-arabinose and 4-Deoxy-L-arabinose For Mechanistic and Structural Studies of L-Arabinose Isomerase

Ethan Carver Smith

The Synthesis of a Potential Transition State Analog Inhibitor of Phosphoribosyl Transferase (PRTase)

1995-1996 GRADUATES



John Henderson Caldwell

A Novel Synthesis of CaTi2O4

Aqilla Kamawal

The Asymmetric Synthesis of Optically Active Alcohols via the Addition of Organometallic Reagents to Aldehydes in the Presence of External Chiral Compounds

Luke Adam Kanies

Attempts at Radical Change in Cytosolic Soy Ascorbate Peroxidase

Jeremy Soo Pin Kua

The Curve Crossing Model in Addition Reactions of Alkene Radical Cations

Matthew Daniel Mazurek

SN1 Ring Closure to the Taxane AB Ring System: Attempted Synthesis of Model Compounds

Andre David Miller

Laser Light Illumination of Multiphoton Dissociation

Russell James Scarola

Turning Down the Heat: The Molten Salt Synthesis of Layered Perovskite Solid Acids

Aaron Louis Schwartz

Novel Approaches to the Synthesis of the Carbon Skeleton of the Taxane AB Ring System

Anthony N. Smith-Grieco

A Computational Study of Pyrazine Green and of Pi-bonding in Transition Metal Complexes

1994-1995 GRADUATES



Justina Marie Bolz

Turning White Powder into Black Powder: Synthetic Routes to Reduced Titanates

Jean Dee Breshears

In Reciprocal Space, No One Can Hear You Scream: Structural Investigations of Reduced Alkali Niobates

Michael Timothy Coffin

The Fractal Geometry of PbI2 Crystals: Quantification of the Irregular

Paul Allister Covert

Testing the Law of Inanimate Malice (LIM): Electroical Reduction of Titanium Oxides

Michael Francis Ferrante

Normal Coordinate Analysis of Transient Cr(CO)5 Species:Wilson FG Matrix Method of Vibrational Frequency Calculations using Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange Program Number 576

Richard Russel Gorby

Attempted Synthesis of Bis-trimethylsilyl Difluoromethanesufonate as a Possible Precursor to Difluoromethanedisulfonic Acid

Barbara Ann McCoy

Probing and Probing: Europium(III) Luminescence as a Probe into the Metal Sites of Wild Type Xylose Isomerase and a Mutant Xylose Isomerase H220E

Carolyn Matsuko Nakamura

Moderating Substituent Effects on Carbonyl and Hydroxyl Group Reactivities: A Computational Study

Philip Arthur Wilk

TR3: Time Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy - or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the wave equation

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