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Robert Baker Evidence Contracting the Sib Competition Model for Maintenance of Sexual Reproduction in the Clonal Grass Dactylis glomerata (Poaceae)
Sarah Banner Bleomycin-Induced DNA Damage and Repair in Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis
Justine Barry Evidence for the Exocytosis Core Complex at the Cell Somata and Neuritic Projections of the Bag Cells of Aplysia california
Arthur Bass Sexual Dichromatism and Condition Dependence in Ultraviolet Coloration of two Species of Jay (Corvidae)
Nina Bennett Managing Minnesota's Wolves
Elizabeth Bridges Clonal Recognition and Agonistic Response in the Aggregating Sea Anemone Anthopleura elegantissima
Jeffery Brown Immunocytochemical Colocalization of Proteasomes and the Estrogen Receptor
Hattie Brown (BMB) In Search of ScaR: Attempts to Isolate and Purify a Metal Activated Transcriptional Regulator
Rebekah Burns Microsatellite identification and characterization in Tanichthys albonubes using Danio rerio primers
Louis Calhoun (BMB) An Investigation of Binding of Orotidine 5 Monophosphate to Orotate Phosphoribosyltransferase from Baker's Yeast by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Darrow DeLuca Potential Phase Variation Regulation of the Bundle Forming Pilus in Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli by PerA
Jennifer Dolan Ultraviolet Color Signaling in Birds
Collin Dyer (BMB) Agonizing the Cannabinoid Receptor: Expression, Purification, and Structural Characterization of the Human CB1 Cannabinoid Receptor Extracellular N-Terminal Region
Alena Gates The Fitness of Human Populations: An Integration of Evolutionary Theory and Medicine
Hamid Reza Hamid Quantifying the role of APX within Glycine max root nodules through the analysis of sense and antisense cAPX transgenic cultivars of Glycine max
Kristin Harper Sucrose Utilization in Enteropathogenic E. coli
Evan Hayashi Investigation of the Hypothesized Multimer Formation of the Ler Protein in Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli by Chemical Cross-linking
Melissa Herman Sorting mechanisms for a secretory protein examined by molecular modification
Patricia Hsue Who is Watching Whom? Effects of Human Crowds and Environmental Enrichment on the Behavior of Captive Chimpanzees
Lawrence Huang 17B-Estradiol Has Opposing Effects on p70 S6 Kinase Activity in Human Breast Carcinoma MCF7 Cells
Katherine Johnson Phosphorylative Effects upon Estrogen Receptor Function
Cedar Johnson-Fowler (BMB) A Preliminary Investigation into the Reductive Cleavage of the Thiazoline Moiety of Bacitracin A1
Diana Jolles A Potential Genetic Trade-off between Elaiosome and Seed Investment in Euphorbia peplus (Euphorbiaceae) and Claytonia perfoliata (Portulacaceae) and Achlys triphylla (Berberidacea)
Alisa Judy Bugs or the Baggage from Birth: The Etiology and Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis
Nhi Khuong Host-Virus Interactions: Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Leaky Scanning and Replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Sarah Kliegman (BMB) Isolation and purification of a DtxR homologue from Sulfolobus solfataricus
Amber Knoche Heterospecific call recognition between Western Scrub Jays (Aphelcoma californica) and Steller's Jays (Cyanocitta stelleri)
Hatai Kraushaar Stage-dependent Temperature Effects in Bombina orientalis
Michele La Merrill The Reed College Campus carbon budget: sources and sinks of carbon in the grassland, forest, and spring water of Reed College campus
Jenny Lessner Telomere Length Regulation Throughout Xenopus laevis Development
Richard Martin 17b-Estradiol Modulates the Profile of Extracellular Regulated Kinase (ERK) Activation Alone and In Combination With Insulin-like Growth Factor-I
Edmond Marzbani Relative quantification of acidic peptide and egg-laying hormone from bag cells of Aplysia californica
Lauren Mathewson A Phylogeographic Analysis of Quercus garryana
Rachel Mills An Investigation into the Regulation and Activity of the p53 Transcription Factor in Xenopus laevis Splenocytes
Madrona Murphy A Land Ethic and the Ecology of Recreation
Paula Anne Newman Tamoxifen may act through a calcineurin, but not a p38, mediated pathway to induce apoptosis in MCF-7 breast cancer cells
Steven Pierce Stop Codon Readthrough of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus ORF3-ORF5 in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the Identification of Host Genes Involved
Lee Pollack (BMB) The attempted synthesis of a novel ribozyme to catalyze a small molecule reaction
Amber Reed Characterization of Bombina orientalis Telomeres
Noah Rindos Xenopus laevis telomere binding with TRF1?
Christopher Robinson Ler-Mediated Anti-Repression at the LEE 5 Operon in Enteropathogenic Escherchia coli Occurs Independently of a Conserved DNA Motif and of the Nucleoid-Structuring Protein H-NS
Nadine Sauer A Reinvestigation of Tardigrade Embryology Reveals Enterocoely and Suggests New Phylogenetic Affinities
Danielle Shea (BMB) Subgenomic RNA Transcription in Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus: Establishing a reporter system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Shannon Taylor The Disjunction of Apoptosis and the Cell Cycle in Xenopus laevis Splenocytes and Thymocytes
Tiffany Thornton The role of Interspecific competition in allowing the coexistence of Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis and Plethodon vehiculum
Jennifer Webster Mr. Toad Goes for a Ride: amphibian decline, its causes, and solutions through management and conservation
Elizabeth Weisiger Localization of the mRNA Xcat-2 by in situ hybridization in normal and inverted Xenopus laevis embryos
Alison Wellman (BMB) The Solid-Phase Total Synthesis of a Bacitracin A Derivative
Mary Whedbee A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Cell Death in the Developing Neural Folds of Xenopus: Could Apoptosis Affect the Pattern of Neural Crest Migration?
Kyla Zaret An evaluation of methods for monitoring Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis in the Reed College Canyon
Melanie Barnes Development and evolution of the tetradynamous stamen condition in the Brassicaceae
Martha Baugh The Effects of Constant and Varying Temperature on the development of Bombina orientalis--the Oriental Fire Bellied Toad
Kimberly Butler (BMB) Attempted Synthesis of a Potential Transition State Analog Inhibitor of Fumarylacetoacetate Hydrolase
Jennifer Carter Quantitation of estrogen receptor distribution in feline uterine and oviductal epithelial cells using a green fluorescent protein chimera
Kenneth Custer (BMB) Melanopsin: The Molecular Origin of Circadian Photoreception?
Eleanor Deardorff Cloning of Ebra: The brachyury homolog of the direct developing salamander Ensatina eschscholtzii
Gregory Dutton Amphibian Monitoring in the Reed College Canyon: Spatial Distribution of the Oregon salamander Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis
Emily Dykhuizen (BMB) Using Enzymes in the Organic Synthesis of Carbocyclic Nucleoside Analogs
Boynn Finncarlin The Effects of Food Distribution and Habitat Size and Shape on Growth in Bombina orientalis
Julie Frederickson Regulation at the Moment of Fusion: Molecular Switching in Differential Exocytosis
Karl Schiller Gillick Height gradients in photochemical efficiency of Lobaria oregana and L. pulmonaria.
Andrew Gold Attempted Introduction of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus into the Life Cycle of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Rebecca Ann Green Effect of HEp-2 cell association of the expression of ler in enteropathogenic Escherichia coli: Now they're glowing now they're not
Tabitha Christine Greiner An exploration into the mysterious unknown: A Phylogeographic study of Oxalis oregana Nutt.
Leslie Hoover Sucrose catabolizm in pathogenic Escherichia coli
Emily Janega (BMB) Investigation of the Expression of the anb3 Integrin in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma
Kraig Harris Kraft Vacuum Infiltration Transformation of Medicago truncatula with an Antisense Ascorbate Peroxidase Construct; or How My Thesis Turned Me Into a Pariah
Rachel Leistikow Identifying Genes for Telomere Binding Proteins in Xenopus laevis
Kristie Miller (BMB) Ler Mediated Regulation of the Tir Operon in Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli by Footprinting and Deletion Analysis
JJ Miranda (BMB) A Protein Model for Studying Cysteine / Helix Dipole Electrostatic Interactions
Raphaela Peck (BMB) Protein Localization and Transport in Rat Hippocampal Neurons in Culture
Max Vick Ranall The Convergence of Far-Red Light and Defense Signal Cascades: Cyclic-GMP and Chalcone Synthase Regulation
Jennifer Robertson Effects of murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) infection on the interaction of MHC class I molecules with the peptide loading complex
William Anthony Smith-Carlile Plasticity of Head Shape in Larval Long-Toed Salamanders: Testing the Effects of Density and Prety Type
Aaron Breese Terteling Where to Weave and Why: web-site selection in the spider Zygiella x-notata
Lauren Thronson Protein Kinase C in Apoptosis and Cell Growth in Xenopus laevis Splenocytes
Margaret Weisskirk Dorsal Determinants in Ensatina eschscholtzii and Xenopus laevis: In Search of a Common Mechanism
Heather Rachel Zornetzer The Wonder of the Wolphin: A Morphological and Genetic Assessment of Interspecific Hybridization in Cetaceans

1999-2000 GRADUATES



Alicia Dawnstar Ashby

The Endoderm of the Anterior Archenteron is Not an Inducer of Olfactory Development in Xenopus laevis

Alisha Danielle Baines

Inter-Sex Dominance Hierarchies in the Red Swamp Crayfish, Procambarus clarkii: Who da' Man?

Muriel Lorena Bartol Wolfensberger

Human Mating Strategies: A Biological Perspective

Katherine Lois Beattie

Interspecific and Intraspecific Genetic Diversity in the Chloroplast Genome of Delphinium leucophaeum and D. nuttallii

Brianna Caroline Bertoglio

An Application of Epidemiologic Method: Should Smallpox Be Destroyed?

Melinda Ann Biernacki

Nonclassical Reponses to Estrogen: Is There a Role for Protein-Protein Interactions?

Michael McCarron Bomier (BMB)

Transcriptional Regulation of the LEE4 Operon in Enteropathogenic E. coli

Sylvia Marie Bousman

Cloning the Telomerase Catalytic Subunit Gene from Xenopus laevis

Kelly Noelle Buckle

How Different is Different Enough? Using Genetic Markers to Define the Species Delphinium leucophaeum

Timothy Joseph Cascone

An Investigation of the Nature of Cannibalism in Bombina orientalis, the Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad

Aaron Dyar Clark

Old-Growth Logging and Amphibians: A Study of Edge Effects in the Pacific Northwest

Ella Clark-Nicholson

The Regulatory Involvement of Protein Kinase C Isoforms in Xenopus laevis Splenocyte Apoptosis

Sarah Mullen Crespi

Characterization of Two scFv Phage-Display Libraries Selected with Proteins of the Bullfrog Sacculus

Colin Joe Daniel

Regulation of Virulence Genes in Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli by Factors Secreted from Members of the Human Intestinal Microbiota

Athena Theresa Dodd

Separating the Effects of Gene Flow and Population History: A Phylogeographic Study of Delphinium nuttallii Using Nested Clade Analysis

Letty Ernst (BMB)

Regulation and Inhibition of Apoptosis by the Guanosine Binding Proteins

Robert Stater Foster

Optimal Prey Selection By Invasive European Green Crabs, Carcinus maenas, and the Potential Impact on the Pacific Northwest's Commercial Oyster Industry

Mark Thomas Harnett

Neurophysiology of the Nucleus Angularis: The Initiation of Intensity Coding for Sound Localization in the Avian Auditory System

Allison Lara Hornor

Seasonal and Spatial Variation of Glutathione Reductase and Superoxide Dimutase in an Old Growth (Pseudotsuga menziesii) Canopy

Carey Jeanne Huff

Characterization of Nitrogen Fixing Genes in Possible Associative Endophytic Bacterial Isolates from Ammophila arenaria

Benjamin Matthias Iten

Towards Establishing Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae m1 Killer Virus Infections: Building a System for Cytoplasmic Gene Expression

Dylan Huntley Jacobs (BMB)

A Novel Operon Involved in Energy Metabolism in Thermotoga maritime

Farida Jhabvala

Visualization of the Estrogen Receptor in Uterine and Oviductal Cells Using a Green Fluorescent Protein Chimera

David Roberts Keeney (BMB)

Is GTP Cyclohydorlase 1 the First Enzyme in the Biosynthetic Pathway to Queuosine? The World May Never Know

Vanessa Anne Koelling

An Examination of Population Differentiation and Quantitative Trait Variation with Respect to Nectar Spurs in Delphinium nuttallii

Bryan Joseph Laraway

Determining the Cap-Dependent Translation Initiation Requirements of Cap-Independent Translation Initiation of the M1 Virus

Lindsey Alicia Leigland

Sexual Dimorphism and Rhythmic Dissociation in the Modified Pleopods of Callianassa californiensis

Kristi Anne Lively

Optimal Herbivore Defense Strategy in Mustards

Alison Danese Madsen (BMB)

Cloning, Overexpression, and Characterization of Thermotoga maritime QueA: A tRNA-modifying Enzyme

James Halsted Mapes

Characterization of Ascorbat Peroxidase and Glutathione S-Transferase from a Medicago truncatula Root Nodule cDNA Library

David P. Matlaga

The Genetic Consequence of Cattle Grazing on Festuca idahoensis

Laurie Ellen Mazer

Chloroplast and Nuclear DNA Variation as Measures of Gene Flow in a Suspected Hybrid Population of Delphinium pavonaceum

Brent Sterling Miller

Clonal Plant Foraging: A Review and Simulation Study

Marshall Curtis Miller (BMB)

A Structure Function Analysis of Xylitol Binding in D-Xylose Isomerase

Howell Franklin Moffett

Apoptosis and the Mitochodria in Xenopus laevis Thymocytes: Conserved Mechanisms of Cellular Suicides

Katherine Elizabeth Montieth

A Test of Risk-Sensitive Foraging Theory in the Frog Bombina Orientalis

Samuel Blaise Nichols-Geerdes (BMB)

Isolation and Characterization of Terminal Restriction Fragment from Xenopus laevis

Thihan Myo Nyun (BMB)

Identification and Characterization of Polycomb Group Proteins

Jason Alan Oakes

Gastrulation and Morphogenic Movements in Ensatina eschscholtzii, a Large-Egged, Direct-Developing Salamander

Antoinette Susanne Olivas (BMB)

Proteins That Bind to the Amyloid Precursor Protein and the Effects They Have on Signaling and Neurotoxicity

Hilleary Botts Osheroff

Telomere Binding Proteins in Xenopus laevis

Dora P. Pancheva

A Study of Human Cytomegalovirus G Protein-Coupled Receptor US28 Signaling in Smooth Muscle Cells

Devon Seibert Pattillo

Responding Without Control: Models of Task Allocation in Ants

Clara Louise Peck (BMB)

Determining the Conformational Role of the Thymine Methyl Group in DNA: Theoretical and Experimental Approaches

Gerard Werner Schneider

Telomerase Activity in Xenopus laevis

Sylvia Veronica Thompson

Localization of NMDA Receptors in Hippocampal Cells

Nicole Alexandra Vasilevsky

Damage and Repair of Nerve Cell DNA in Response to Oxidative Stress

Ron Jonathan Yahil (BMB)

This is Your Life, and It's Ending One Day at a Time: The Effects of Interleukin-2 and Dexamethasone Stimulation on Apoptosis in Thymocytes of the South African Clawed Toad Xenopus laevis

1998-1999 GRADUATES



Maki Aoki

Light availability effects on conifer seedling morphology and leaf surface wax production

Sadia Zainab Azhar

A Study on the Effects of Insulin and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) on Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase (MAP-Kinase) and Proliferation in Normal and Cancerous Gastric Cells

Nicolas Gabriel Azios

Evaluation of the Possible Symbioses between Temperate Grass Crop Species and Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria Isolated from European Beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria)

Ashlee Beth Bergin

Apoptosis and the Cell Cycle: The Effects of Protein Kinase C Activation in Xenopus laevis Splenocytes and Thymocytes

Patrick James Brown

Co2 exchange, N2 fixation, and Growth of Lobaria oregana Transplants in an Old-growth Forest Canopy

Eric Russell Buhle

Biotic Interactions and Invasion Resistance: a Study of the Introduced Green Crab (Carcinus maenas) on the West Coast of North America

Benjamin Thomas Burley

Analysis of the Promoter Regions of the Linear Plasmids pGKL1 & pGkl2

Alexander Maclin Cripps

Developing URA3* selectable shuttle vectors to introduce heterologous UCS5 controlled genes into the pGKL1 cytoplasmic dsDNA linear plasmid by in vivo homologous recombination, in S. cerevisiae

Lev Valentine Hofmann

Inversion of the Cytoplasmic Contents of Xenopus laevis Embryos During the First Cell Cycle Results in an Inverted Phenotype Displaying a 180û Shift in the Expression Patter of VegT

Mojgan Hosseini-Varnamkhast

Characterization of Proliferative Senescence and Telomerase Activity in Chicken Embryonic Fibroblasts

Quincey Ann Justman

Insulin-induced Modifications of Tyrosine Kinase Activity in the Bag Cells of Aplysia californica: Evidence for Progressive Modulation of Signal Transduction

Forest Michael Kaser

Role of Two Species of Endophytic Bacteria in the Nitrogen Nutrition of European Beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria)

Michael Kelley

Do Human Sex Pheromones Exist?

Gordon Collin Kirkwood

Cellular Specialization as an Emergent Phenomenon: Studies of Differentiation in Simulated Genetic Regulatory Networks

Eric Matthew Kofoed

The Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 in Feline Oviduct Proliferation

Sasha Bryn Kramer

Associative Nitrogen Fixation in Temperate Coastal Grasses

Jinah Lee

Extracellular Calcium is Necessary for Exocytosis in the Bag Cell Organs of Aplysia californica

Michael Benjamin Lerner

Diverging from your Ancestors: Choloroplast DNA differences in Delphinium leucophaeum and Delphinium nuttallii Populations in Oregon and Washington

Mara Elizabeth Matkovic

Launching an M1 Virus Using Replicons that are Transcribed from a cDNA Clone: Development of a System for Use In Vivo

Mitchell Ellis McGlaughlin

The Conservation Genetics of the Pink Sand Verbena, Abronia umbellata ssp. breviflora (Nytcaginaceae)

Elizabeth Anne Morgan

ItŒs All in the Display: Dominance Hierarchies and Recognition in the Red Swamp Crayfish, Procambarus clarkii

Marie Sherleen Estrella Nera

Phosphatidylserine Exposure on Apoptotic Lymphocytes of Xenopus laevis, the South African Clawed Toad

Audra Rachelle Norris

Yeast Virus Replication and Gene Expression Using the Kluyveromyces lactis Killer System

Sarah Louise Peters

Stromal Regulation of Proliferative Effects of 17b-estadiol and Epidermal Growth Factor on Cultured Epithelial Cells of the Feline Uterus

Derek Carl Rookhuizen

The Partial Antiestrogen Tamoxifen and its Oxymetaboltie, 4-Hydroxytamoxifen Increase ERK 1 and 2 Activity by a TPA-sensitive Pathway in Uterine Epithelium

Erroll Hiett Rueckert

Towards the Replacement of the S. cerevisiae M1 dsRNA virus ORF with the URA3 ORF and Luc ORF

Autumn Ashworth Salamack

Thermal Acclimation and Compensation: The Effects of Temperature Shifts and Initial Size on Metamorphic Traits in Bombina orientalis

Cameron Kyle Scott

Love Thy Brother: Evidence for Kin Recognition in the Trinidadian Guppy, Poecilia reticulata

Forrest Glenn Stewart

The Importance of Dynein in the Fashioning of Left-Right Asymmetry in the African Clawed frog, Xenopus laevis

Justin Worthington Taraska

Sub-nuclear Targeting and Protein-Proteir Interactions of the A-Kinase Anchoring Protein, AKAP95

Gretchen Elizabeth Vanderbee

Macrophages Recognize Apoptopic T-Lymphocytes Of the Anuran Amphibian, Xenopus laevis, Via a Phosphatiidylserine-Dependent Mechanism

Jennifer Lyn Wonner

Predator Inspection and Female Mate Choice: Do Female Guppies Prefer the "Bold" or the Beautiful?

Weiyi Zhao

Analysis of Nucleic Acid Annealing and Strand Exchange Functions of Nucleocapsid and Capsid-Nucleocapsid Proteins From Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (Mo-MLV)

1997-1998 GRADUATES



Allison Heather Alvarado

The Effects of Changing Resources Levels and Initial Seize on Metamorphic Traits in Bombina orientalis

Meredith Calvert

The mechanism of axis specification in the marine worm Urechis caupo and phylogenetic implications

Rahul Narayan Chavan

The Viral Binding Site of the M28 dsRNA Yeast Virus

Cheryl Ann Cotman

Pathology, Genetics, and Inflammation Response in AlzheimerŒs Disease

Sarah Nell Davidson

Agrobacterium rhizogenes Mediated Transformation in Soybean Glycine max

Adam Dao Douglass

An Investigation of the Signal Transduction Pathways Responsible for Differential Exocytosis in the Bag Cells of Aplysia

Lucy Ann Goodwin

Growth Factor Response in Feline Oviductal Stromal Cells

Eliza Carmen Gould


Deanna Nicole Grant

The Effects of Maternal Eating Disorders on Fetal Development:The Little Fetus That Couldn't

Kelly Beth Hardwicke

Coordinating a Green Defense: The Effects of Differential Exogenous Indoleacetic Acid Feeding Schedules on the Herbivory-Induced Prooxidant Defense Response Evoked in Lycopersicon esculentum by Helicoverpa zea

Mark William Jarvis

Evidence for TNF-(alpha) Mediated Apoptosis In Xenopus laevis Splentocytes

Lemar Jerel Johnson

Minimum Calcium Requirements for Secretion in the Bag Cells of Aplysia californica

Claire Francoise G. Jouseau

Ultraviolet Radiation and the Amphibian Egg: shielding and focusing effects in the capsules of Bombina orientalis

Pema Rami Naomi Kitaeff

A Metapopulation Model of a Multi-Species Marine Fisheries Reserve

YueSee Lee


Andre Limnander

Yeast Virus Replication: Initiation of the Life Cycle using a Yeast Cytoplasmic Transcription System that is not Dependent on Homologous Recombination

Mark Zhi Liu

Distribution and Upregulation of Homer messenger RNA in the Developing Rat Olfactory Bulb

Xiomara Veronica Lopez

Stromal-Induced Inhibition of Epithelial Cell Proliferation is Overcome by 17(beta)-Estradiol in the Feline Oviduct

Margaret Morrow Mayfield

Shortcomings of Current Crop Pollination Strategies: Lessons From Natural Pollination Systems

Marie Elizabeth Mills

Characterization of leaf and bud phenolic compounds in Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) with respect to ultraviolet-B radiation and visible light intensity and their potential for antioxidant defense

Jessica Kelly Murray

Seeding emergence in clearcut old growth forests

Brian J. O´Shea

Avian Response to Urban Landscapes: Implications for Restorations of the Reed Canyon

Rigel David Pearce

Behavioral responses of Upogebia pugettensis and Callianassa californiensis (Docapoda: Crustacea) to anoxic stress

Anthia Saori Reagan

De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum: The Role of Apoptosis in Xenopus laevis Neurulation and Rhombencephalic Neural Crest Migration

André Frederick Rivard

SK3 regulation in L6 muscle cells Deciding on a model system for mytonic dystrophy

Ellen Frances Roberts

Seasonal and Spatial Variation in Oxidative Stress in an Old Growth Pseudotsuga meziesii Canopy

Rachael Elaine Roberts

The role of kinship and familiarity in mate choice in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata

Dana Suzanne Schroeder

Methylation in Subtelometric Regions of the Chromosome and Suitability of Terminal Restriction Fragments for Cloning in Xenopus laevis

Kalpa Shah

17-beta Estradiol effects on Extracellular Regulated Kinase (ERK) in Feline Oviduct Epithelial Cells: Possible Mechanisms of Action

Jade Ara Stefano

Regionally specific induction of the central nervous system and its associated structures in Xenopus laevis, the African clawed frog

Jeffrey John Stephens

Salicylate and Symbiotic Stress: Swelling and Soreness in Soybeans

Andrea Leigh Sweigart

Microsatelite-Based Estimates of Individual Inbredding and Relatedness for a Population of the Wildflower, Mimulus guttatus

Toshiko Tanaka

Expression of a Putative Cell Surface DNA Receptor in Escherichia coli

Rohini Wadhwani

Developmental Profile of Acetylcholinesterase in Ganglia of the Hawkmoth Manduca sexta

Alex Michael Ward

The Effects of Deuterium Oxide on Nieuwkoop Center Activity in the African Clawed Frog, Xenopus laevis

Terri Sue Webb

The Pterygoquadrate Element in Mus musculus, the House Mouse: What is it?

Cheyenne Welch

Using the Double-Stranded DNA Plasmids of Kluyveromyces lactis to Establish an Engineered Population of M1 Double-Stranded RNA Viruses in Sacharomyces cerevisiae

1996-1997 GRADUATES



Leigh Alexandra Barnes

Effects of floral age in Mimulus guttatus (Scrophulariaceae): Do things really get better with age?

Talicia Linn Brown

Fire Ecology in the Ponderosa Pine Community of the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon and Washington

Linnea Marie Brudenell

An Investigation of Immunosuppression in the Immune Response of Xenopus laevis, the South African Clawed Toad, to a Human Allergen, Timothy Grass Pollen.

Keith Darrin Calkins

An Investigation of the Effects of Insulin on Peptide Release from the Bag Cells of Aplysia

Elizabeth Marie Cauble

The Effects of Mating System and Environment on Maternal Effects in Lupinus nanus subsp.apricus and Lupinus bicolor (Fabaceae)

Nikolai C. H. Dembrow

A preliminary investigation of the distribution of peptides secreted by the bag cells of Aplysia under unstimulated conditions

Ellen Jane Dorr

Maternal Health and Neural Tube Defects

Sascha Scott Ellers

The Role of the Actin Cytoskeleton in the Structural Organization of Secretory Vesicles

Cindy Lynn Ellig

The Role of the Epithelium in the Regulation of Stromal Cell Proliferation

Eric Paxton Fox

A Cytoplasmic DNA-Based Launching System for M1 dsRNA Viral Infections of the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Suzanne Melanie Fusaro

Associative Nitrogen Fixation in European Beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria) on the Oregon Coastal Sand Dunes

Pastora Garcia-Jones

Inductive Events During D Quadrant Specification in a Member of the Mosaically Developing Phylum Echiuroidea: Urechis caupo

Meredith Allison Burton

Systemic Stress and Cell Death: Apoptotic modulation by monoamine Haberfeld stress-products in heterogenous splenocyte populations

Quentin Wolf Heinemann

Alternative Splicing in the Pore Region of a Small Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channel from Drosophila melanogaster

Jennifer Ingham

Limb Development and Digital Reduction in Xenopus laevis

Jason Sherrill Julian

Effects of Water Stress on the Activities of Three Anti-Oxidative Enzymes within the Root Nodules of Two Regionally Distinct Ecotypes of Lupinus nanus

Maria Christine Loosen

Cryptic Self-Incompatibility in two Populations of Lupinus nanus (Leguminosae)

Christina Victoria Mangurian

The FAScinating World of Apoptosis: Expression of Fas and FasL in Xenopus laevis

Nicholas Chirivas Manoukis

The Complex and Dynamic Ecology of Drying Ponds: Interacting Effects of Density, Hydroperiod, and Habitat Size on the Metamorphic Traits of Bombina orientalis tadpoles

Rachel Howard McMahan

Effects of Prior Activation on Apoptosis in Xenopus laevis Splenocytes

Emily Mae Metcalfe

Cloning a Terminal Restriction Fragment From Xenopus Laevis

Alex William Monreal

Effects of Altered Phosphorylation Levels on Progesterone Receptor Localization

Bruce Barnes Moreira

Edge effects and the reproductive ogy of the clonal, herbaceous perennial, O. oregana: Pollen limitation, clonal reproduction, low seed set and implications for conservation

Jessica Kelly Murray

Seedling Emergence In Clearcut Old Growth Forests

Jonathan Tadashi Naito

Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation and Anthropogenic Acidification on Larval Fitness in the Asian Fire-Bellied Toad, Bombina orientalis

Ali Nouri

Setting the Limit on Neuropeptide Transport Rate in the Bag Cells of A. californica

Kanao Otsu

Synergistic Effect of Stromal-Epithelial Interaction on Epidermal Growth Factor-Incuded c-fox Expression in the Feline Oviduct

Emily Jane Hume Ross

Bionic Nodules: The effects of antioxidants on Azorhizobium caulindoans ORS 571.

Jonathan Andrew Sayer

The Feline Reproductive Tract as a Model System for Examination of the Proximal Effectors of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I (IGF-I)-Induced Mitogenesis

Naomi Carol Schoenfeld

Horizontal Transmission of Hepatitis B in Southeast Asian Refugees

Paul H. Wilkens

Biologically Realistic Single Neuron Modeling

Karen Christine Wolma

The effects of 2.4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) on the growth of Nitrosomonas europaea, soil bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes

Cindy Dianne Yeatts

A laboratory study of the developmental effects of increased UV-B irradiation on Xenopus laevis

1995-1996 GRADUATES



Sanyaalak D. Burkhart

The Distribution of Morphologic and Allozyme Variation in the Endemic plant, Penstemon barrettiae (Scrophulariaceae)

Rose Campbell

An investigation of pollen events over time in Lupinus nanus subspecies. apricus and Lupinus nanus subsp. latifolius, with reference to their mating systems.

Rae Ann Hafer

Characterization of Isoflavonoids in Soybean Root Nodules (Glycine max)

Wylie Neal Harris

Seasonal Variation in Glutahione Reductase Activity in Coastal and Cascade Populations of Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta)

Jeffrey Lee Hogg

Analysis of an Inducible DNA-Based System for Establishing Engineered dsRNA Viral Populations in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sarah Rebecca Hummasti

Telomere Length Regulation During Development in Xenopus laevis

Amy Caroline Jahns

A Tail of Two Morphs: Color Polymorphism in the Western Redback Salamander, Plethodon vehiculum

Ariana Kramer

Effect of Pollination on Flower Production in Brassica rapa

Nathanael Issac Lichti

Temperature Effects on Calling Behavior and Physiology in a Field Cricket, Gryllus integer: Possible Implications for Habitat Choice and the Maintenance of Genetic Variation in Sexually Selected Traits

Jan Tage Carl Liphardt

The Packaging Signal of the M28 dsRNA Yeast Virus

Karen Reed Lizars

My Mother is a Dirty Old Sock: A Review of Imprinting as Relevant to Wildlife Rehabilitation and Captive Rearing

John Allan McDougall Jr.

Metal Binding Studies on Arabinose Isomerase

Lisa Joanne Michels

Patterns of Regrowth and Chemical Defense in Tansy Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea): Effects of Plant Age

Nicole Anne Moreland

G-Protein Mediated Growth Cone Collapse in Cultured Neurons of Manduca sexta

Michelle Jennifer Nijhuis

Home Range of the Cascade Torrent Salamander (Rhyacotriton cascadae) and its Implications for Conservation

Natasha Nicole Nikolaidis

The Role of Zyxin in Mesoderm Induction in Xenopus laevis

Christopher Markley Nyce

Sexual Selection in the Common House Cricket, Acheta domesticus: a Test of Female Preferences for Groups versus Individuals

Benjamin John Polacco

Unidirectional Gene Flow: A Computer Model and a Population Genetic Survey of the Water-Dispersed Annual, Impatiens capensisFfox

Jodi Marie Rymer

Cell Adhesion: The Role of Zyxin in Cell Adhesion and Catenin Localization

Tamara Zeudi Shaw

The Topological Organization of Secretory Vesicles in the Bag Cells of Aplysia californica: An Investigation of Exocytosis in Neuroendocrine Cells

Chelsea Jean Smith

Immobility as a Measure of Crypsis: A Study of Antipredator Behavior in Field Crickets

Kartini Bayosa Thomas

Maternal Nutrition and Infant Birthweight

Alistair Wilson

Internal Telomeric Repeats in Hamster: A Potential ?BackupΠTelomere

Joanne Yu-Ming Yew

The Role of Neurotrophins in Sensory Nerve Regeneration

1994-1995 GRADUATES


Daniel Martin Baggott

Towards a Galactose Inducible DNA-Based System For Establishing dsRNA Viral Populations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Repression of L-A

Michèle Rosan Barnett

The Greenhouse Effect and Temperate Alpine Plant Communities

Christopher Martin Beachdel

Splenic B Cell Apoptosis in Adult Xenopus laevis, the South Africa Clawed Toad

Aaron Gabriel Beam

Variability at chromosome ends in Xenopus laevis

Jennifer Lynn Bechtold

Binding of Telomeric and Adjacent Sequences to the Nuclear Scaffold in a Chinese Hamster Cell Line

Molly Louise Benson

Sex Allocation Tradeoffs in Field Mustard, Brassica rapa

Aaron Bitterman

Feeding and Movements in the Alligator Snapping Turtle, (Macroclemys temminckii): Evidence for Ontogenetic Change in Behavior of Juveniles

John Gordon Burleigh

Sexual Dimorphism and Genetic Correlations in Thalictrum pubescens, a Cryptically Dioecious Angiosperm

Wambui Chege

Expression of a Suicidal Phenotype from a Putative Full-Length cDNA Copy of the M1 Double-Stranded RNA Killer Virus of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lela Magdalen Creutz

Cricket Love Songs: The Courtship Call of Two Populations of the Field: Cricket, Gryllus integer and its Implications in Female Mate Choice

Sarah Lynne Dwiggins

Lupinus lepidus and L. latifolius: Making a Home on Mount St. Helens

Nil Emre

Detection of the Transcript Levels of Two Antioxidant Enzymes in Soybean (Glycine max) Root Nodules

Catherine Lolita Finney

In Search of a Novel Glutamate Transporter Subtype: The Screening of a Human Retina cDNA Library

Sara Jean Forbes

The Role of the Cytoskeleton in Neuropeptide Secretion by the Bag Cell Neurons of A. californica: A Kinetic Study

Jennifer Anne Gaynor

Duration of Metamorphosis in Bombina orientalis: Evolutionary Implications of Negative Fitness Correlation Among Anuran Life History Traits

Govinddass I. Goleman

A galactose-inducible system of delivering the L-A virus like particle to Saccharomyces cerevisiae via a cDNA clone in order to study the cis-acting sequences required for viral propagation

Eric James Hennings

Developmental Constraints on Xenopus laevis Limb Patterning

Morning Dove Renee Howard

Developmental Plasticity in Hatching Time in Bombina Orientalis, the Oriental Fire Bellied Toad

Shizuko Imai

Investigation of the cis-acting sequences required for the replication of virus-like particles of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae, by constructing a cDNA clone with a galactose-inducible system.

Stephanie Ann Jensen

Possible Modification of the Shadow Reflex in the A-cell of the Giant Barnacle, Balanus nubilus

Shannon Lee Joyner

Gene Regulation in the Ascorbate-Glutathione Peroxide Scavenging System in Soybean (Glycine max) Tissue.

Tae Soo Kim

Potential for a Pollen Competition in Cytisus scoparius

Melanie Konradi

Genetic Substructure in an Array of Populations of the Oregon Salamander, Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis

Albert Moya Kun

Pattern formation during early development of Xenopus laevis: The effect of lithium on dorsal/ventral differentiation of mesoderm after induction by growth factor in isolated animal cap explants

Briana Christine Lindh

The Response of Understory Plants to Canopy Closure in a Second-growth Forest in the Oregon Cascades

Shanna Leah Lorenz

Factors limiting the female reproductive success of the perennial herb, Erythronium grandiflorum (Liliaceae).

Brome McCreary

Territoriality and Aggressive Behavior of A. Domesticus and G.Integer: Implications for Captive Breeding Program and Reintroduction Projects

Katarina Moseley

ELISA Analysis of Defense Strategies in Urtica dioica

Mathew Max Noell

Location of Dorsal Lip Formation in Functionally Inverted Xenopus laevis Embryos

Diana F. Pérez

Effect of Temperature on Habitat Selection of Gryllus Integer

Jonathan Richardson

Spatial Structure and Composition of the Soil Mesofauna in Differently-Managed Forest Stands

Lori Michelle Roberts

Regulation of Apoptosis by Adhesion to Extracellular Matrix in Feline Uterine Cells

Robin Elizabeth Russell

The Basis of Pollinator Discrimination between Male and Female Phase Flowers in Impatiens capensis and the Implications for Plant Mating Systems

Caitlin M. Smith

Differential Peptide Release from the Bag Cells of Aplysia: Evidence for Molecular Control of Vesicle Trafficking

Anna Louise Specht

Searching for Estrogen-Induced Peptide Expression in the Feline Oviduct

Heather Tami Stewart

The Slithy Toves in the Tulgy Woods: A Field Study on the Variation in External Morphology and Pigmentation Among Populations of Rhyacotriton cascadae

Kinari Eve Thomas

Regeneration of Two Primate-Dispersed Rain Forest Trees, Alangium javanicum and Baccaurea bracteata.

H. Garrett Rush Thompson

A Molecular Characterization of a Novel Chinese Hamster Minisatellite: A study of conservation and curvature

Andrew Valdini

Sound Production and Vibration Sensitivity of the Blue Mud Prawn Upogebia pugettensis

Ngan Kim Vo

Cloning and Sequencing of an Embryonic Chick A Kinase Anchoring Protein

James Warren Zanzot

Molecular Mutants Meet Mycorrhizae: Glucosinolate Mutant Arabidopsis (Brassicaceae) Effects on Spore Germination of Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi.

Noa Zerangue

Arachidonic Acid Differentially Modulates Human Glutamate Transporter Subtypes

Jamal Ben Zohur

The Attempted Infection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with an Artificial Satellite of the L-A Double-Stranded RNA Virus


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