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History of Peer Tutoring in the United States

Peer tutoring in the United States has long been used in the college setting, dating back to 1640, when the first paid student tutor was hired by Harvard University "to counsel and befriend the younger lads" (Dwyer, 1989, p. 30, in Mann, 1992). In the 1960's, with the resurgence of educational innovation in the United States, peer tutoring gained great popularity at all levels of schooling. More recently, educators have begun to experiment with different types of peer tutoring, looking to fit the method to the specific needs and abilities of their students.

Today, with increasing college and university enrollment, graduate and undergraduate student paraprofessionals have become an integral feature of the educational structure, serving in many different capacities: teaching assistants, subject-matter tutors, lab assistants, small-group discussion leaders, counselors, and in some cases, primary instructors for introductory-level courses.

History of Peer Tutoring in the United States
Varieties of Peer Tutoring
Current Research: Is Peer Tutoring Effective?
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Peer Tutoring at Reed College
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