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Appendix C

Mentor Follow-up Survey

1) How effectively did the summer training program prepare you for your job as a mentor this past year? Please describe its strengths and limitations.

2) What might make the summer training even more effective in the future?

3) Were you working primarily in connection with
_____ Intro. Psychology
_____ upper level courses
_____ both
_____ neither. Please explain:

4) About how many hours per week did you work as a mentor for the NSF-AIRE program during the school year? ___________

5) Approximately how many students did you mentor this past year? ____________

6) On the table below, please estimate the percentage of your mentoring time spent on each of the listed jobs.

7) On the table below, please mark those jobs where you were most successful with an M, and those jobs where you were least successful with an L.

Mentoring jobs
Percentage of time
Most/Least successful
laboratory assistant

course assistant (If yes, what did this entail?)

one-on-one tutoring with respect to course content

group tutoring with respect to course content

one-on-one or group consultation with students regarding design and implementation of research projects

technology or resource support (e.g., fixing/maintaining computer programs or lab equipment)

helping to grade exams, etc.

other (please explain):

8) How do you think your involvement in the mentoring program may have affected your performance as a student (if it did)?

9a) Would you recommend working as a mentor to other interested students?
_____ Yes      _____ Maybe      _____ No
9b) Please explain:

10) Overall, how would you rate your experience in the mentoring program?
_____ very favorably
_____ more favorably than not
_____ more unfavorably than favorably
_____ very unfavorably

11) Is there anything else you would like to say about the program?


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