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The Council on Undergraduate Research has featured Reed's NSF Award for the Integration of Research and Education (AIRE) grant in a new booklet called "Reinvigorating the Undergraduate Experience." Edited by two researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, the booklet describes activities and outcomes at twenty of the institutions that received support from this program, such as Duke University and Occidental College.

Peter Russell, Jon Rivenburg, Carol Creedon, Gena Anderson '99, and Natalie Yager '03 authored the Reed article, "Peer Mentors in Faculty/Student Research Projects and in the Classroom." This article, and the complete booklet, can be read online.


Reed's commitment to providing undergraduates an experience rooted in the process of discovery was recognized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) by making Reed one of the ten recipients of the national Award for the Integration of Research and Education (AIRE). Reed College will use this award for three initiatives in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology:

1. Undergraduate Research Mentor Program
2. Science at Reed Reviews
3. Outreach Activities

The goal of integrating research and education is to teach students to understand and apply the scientific method — to develop hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, and evaluate scientific arguments

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