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Evaluation of an Undergraduate Mentoring Program in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Reed College, 2000-2001

Appendix C

Student Responses to Multiple-Choice Questions, (Frequencies)[10]

As you know, this past year the Reed Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments have been involved in a student mentoring program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this program, we are interested in knowing what students think.

Note: the following students served as mentors:

-Biology: Martha Baugh, Eleanor Deardorff, Julie Frederickson, Nhi Khuong, Lee Pollack, Heather Zornetzer.

-Chemistry: Matt Dowling, Hattie Brown

-Physics: Michael Solontoi, Jonathon Fertig

2) About how often did you interact with any of the student mentors in your department?

_11_ a) Once or twice week

_3_ b) Once or twice a month

_1_ c) Once or twice a semester

_4_ d) Rarely or never

_3_ e) Other (please explain)[11]

3) What did your interactions with the mentors consist of? (Please check all that apply.)

_11_ a) Help or consultation about labs

_5_ b) Help or consultation about lab reports

_7_ c) One-on-one or group consultation regarding design and implementation of research projects

_3_ d) One-on-one tutoring regarding course content

_1_ e) Group tutoring regarding course content

_2_ f) Help at any stage in writing a paper (choosing a topic, researching, editing, etc.)

_3_ g) Help in improving performance on exams

_3_ h) General questions regarding your major department (classes you should take, grad. schools, etc.)

_9_ i) Other, (please describe):[12]

6) Overall, how effective were the student mentors in your department in aiding your understanding of the subject matter?

Very similar
Very Different
  1 2 3 4 5 N.A.
Frequencies: 3 0 3 7 3 16


Thank you very much for your time and prompt response.

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